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Novelis to introduce its products in India (The Times of India)
MUMBAI: Novelis, the recent acquisition of the Aditya Birla group, is all set to bring its product line into India. The world leader in aluminium rolling and recycling is targeting this financial year to mark the entry of their products, such as cans, automotive components and lithographic products.

Henry Ford journalism awards launched (The Daily Tribune)
How do you keep a prestigious awards program fresh and interesting on its 7-year run? The answer: Come up with bigger and better surprises that raise the ante and keep the competition flourishing.

M&M rolls out two-millionth vehicle (The Hindu)
To commence exports to Brazil, Egypt by year-end

Asia key destinations for takeover bids (The Times of India)
NEW DELHI: North America and Asia have emerged as the most sought-after destinations for India Inc's acquisition bids, with takeover deals in the region touching 12 billion dollars in the first four months of fiscal 2008, an Assocham Eco Pulse study said.

Bosch maps out future trends in automotives (Electronic Engineering Times Asia)
Robert Bosch rounded up what it regards as the major future trends in automotives?low-cost vehicles, multifuel concepts and better fuel economy.

UK fund bets on core projects (The Telegraph)
New Delhi, Aug. 23: The UK-based equity and venture capital firm 3i Group Plc plans to set up a $1-billion fund for investments in India?s infrastructure.

Novelis to introduce its products in India (The Times of India)
The recent acquisition of the Aditya Birla group is targeting this financial year to mark the entry of their products, such as cans, automotive components and lithographic products.

Arvind Subramanian: Precocious India (Business Standard India)
India finds comparative advantage not in jeans, geography, or geology but in skills and managerial capital. Sixty years usually signals the onset of dotage in humans. But it is in fact a relatively young age for nations. So, what kind of infant is the Indian economy?

Japan and Indonesia sign landmark economic pact (Channel NewsAsia)
JAKARTA : Japan and Indonesia have signed a landmark economic agreement that is set to boost bilateral ties. The pact was inked in Jakarta by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday.

Training skilled workers in need of repair (The Buffalo News)
A statewide push for better academic test scores has left behind those students who are looking for careers in the building trades, the automotive industry and other fields that don?t necessarily require a college degree.