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Health Highlights: Aug. 26, 2007 (HealthDay via Yahoo! News)
Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by editors of healthDay:

New health plan cuts costs, and providers (BizJournals)
Medica is introducing a low-cost health care plan that targets small to mid-size companies grappling with containing health care costs.

Calls for govt to pay for elderly health (AAP via Yahoo!7 News)
The Catholic health lobby has called on both sides of politics to take full responsibility for the health of people over 75.

Health care construction hotbed (BizJournals)
Since the 1980s, construction of health care facilities has boomed, with the replacement of aging hospitals and construction of new ones to accommodate the aging population.

Cuba publishes Castro column amid health rumors (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Cuba published on Sunday a historical essay by ailing leader Fidel Castro, whose long absence from public view has fueled speculation about his health among Cuban exiles in Miami.

UPDATE 1-Ramsay Health year profit rises 22 percent (Reuters Finance News, Australia via Yahoo!7 Finance)
SYDNEY, Aug 27 (Reuters) - Ramsay Health Care Ltd RHC.AX, Australia's biggest private hospital operator, reported a 22 percent rise in full-year profit on Monday, boosted by improved margins, and said it saw low double digit growth in 2008.

Gripes over new health law prove a ratings booster (BizJournals)
As Ellen Kagan sees it, uninsured residents are not exactly fans of Massachusetts' new health insurance law.

Fresh criticism of South Africa's embattled health minister (AFP via Yahoo! News)
South Africa's embattled health minister faced a fresh barrage of criticism Sunday over her mistreatment of staff after this week refusing to quit amid allegations of drinking and theft.

Health care IT vendors can apply for certification (BizJournals)
For the first time, vendors of inpatient electronic health record systems this month can seek government certification.

Hospital upgrades privacy, safety of mental health unit (BizJournals)
Community Memorial Hospital's Mental health Center has undergone a $3 million renovation to offer 16 private rooms with features meant to ensure patient safety and privacy.