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2006 75th Anniversary Cooking Edition Joy

Vinegar is for more than cooking; it can save you money (ABC 15 Phoenix)
Vinegar has so many uses and it is so inexpensive. We know we can use it for cooking. But did you know you could use it for cleaning too? Need to clean your shower? Try this recipe, take an empty average sized spray bottle and add a 1/2cup of vinegar and fill the rest with water.

Eat healthier by cooking from scratch (San Jose Mercury News)
Here's something to chew on: It's easier for older people to save substantially on their grocery bills if they will switch from boxed -- or prepared foods -- to cooking from scratch.

'Grease to Greece' racers run on cooking oil (MSNBC)
Fuelled only by used cooking fat, eight teams completed a 2,500-mile car rally from London to Athens on Wednesday in a bid to promote awareness of cheap and environmentally-friendly bio-fuels.

Britons drive to Greece on cooking fat (UPI)
ATHENS, Greece, Aug. 28 (UPI) -- A group of eco-conscious Britons said they have completed a 2,330-mile drive from London to Athens, Greece, using fuel made from cooking fat.

Giant stores remove cooking sauce from shelves (The Patriot-News)
Giant Food Stores have removed Patak's Dopiaza cooking sauce from shelves as part of a manufacturer's recall. The product may contain dairy ingredients which are not listed on the label posing an allergen issue, according Laura E. Taczak, a spokewoman for Giant stores.

Piped cooking gas to soon reach your kitchen (Express India)
Notwithstanding the initial constraints, the dream of the Indian middle class for having 'piped cooking gas' into their kitchens is likely to be fulfilled soon.

Britons drive to Greece on cooking fat (
A group of eco-conscious Britons said they have completed a 2,330-mile drive from London to Athens, Greece, using fuel made from cooking fat.Participants said their environmentally friendly convoy was designed to call attention to the existence of cheaper and more eco-friendly biofuels, Kathimerini reported Thursday.There is no reason why Joe Public cannot do this, save themselves a bit of money ...

Patak's Dopiaza cooking sauce recalled (York Daily Record)
Giant Food Stores and Martin Food Markets have pulled from their shelves the 14.5-ounce Patak's Dopiaza cooking sauce, labeled with the UPC code of #6927607005.

Historical Society planning pioneer cooking event (The Times-Reporter)
Baltic Area Historical Society will present a pioneer cooking demonstration and meal Sept. 6 at the Baltic Area Historical Society Cabins on Rt. 93 N. at the north end of Baltic. The event will begin at 3, with dinner to be served at 5.

New ceramic can reduce cooking time, save energy: Indian-American expert (New Kerala)
Washington, Aug 29 : New ceramic microwave dishes would cut down cooking time, use less energy and also help in organic waste remediation, according to Sridhar Komarneni, an Indian-American minerologist.

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