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Many people in the USA are looking for more affordable health care owing to the continued increase in premiums. Some employers for hardworking employees have had to cut back on some of the health care for everyone because of the rising costs and working with a budget. In this instance I speak with experience because my health care service has reduced this year for the first time ever. This was a shock to everyone; being told that the health care provider was going to be replaced because the cost was too great.

To make the system fair to everyone, the health care provider would need to change. I am told that the new insurance package is still very good and I'm lucky to have it. To some extent I do agree, but their search for another provider now costs me double the money from my paychecks to have my husband and daughter on my policy. Other than a few exceptions, everyone else seems to benefit from this new arrangement but because I haven't had a raise but I am taking a great deal less home so my family can have health cover.

From what I have seen, this new company we are with is not in the same league as the old one even though I still seem to have a reasonably good plan. Many of us aren't happy with the additional out of pocket expenses and less in our paychecks because of our employer's pursuit of an affordable health care company. My last policy took care of all the hospital stay when I had my little boy nearly 3 years ago. Compare this to the new health care plan and I would be out of pocket by over 4,000 dollars.

However, that amount is just for the hospital and delivery because I would also have other expenses and that just doesn't seem fair to the majority that are involved. We are now seeing an increasing number of companies creating affordable health care plans. For workers in companies without health care plans and single mums for instance, this is a God send. I applaud the set up of these programs but not enough is done to stop those that wish to take advantage and ruin it for others.

Perhaps some form of means testing is needed for people so that only genuine cases have the benefit of affordable health care. Although I say they can be a burden to the state, I really mean a burden to its citizens because it is the tax payer who foots the bill. It is true to say that my employer is very happy because he found distinct benefits to finding a different health plan program. All too often this happens where the only one that really benefits is the company, who seem quite happy that many of their employees will take home less. If we are to help the worst affected, we need to start looking at long term options for Americans in providing cost effective, affordable health care.






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