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Travel Tips

There is nothing worse than having problems occur when you are on vacation, especially in a foreign land where many things are unfamiliar. The annoying thing is that a few bad situations can spoil a whole week or two weeks vacation. At the extreme end you may have to spend time at the local Police station giving statements and filling out reports.

The most important weapon in your armory to travel safely is your common sense so don't dismiss this invaluable ability if you want to enjoy your vacation. People often neglect to trust their instincts in a situation which can lead them into unnecessary trouble.

A big mistake made by many tourists is they take everything of value with them which makes it very easy for thieves and pickpockets to steal their whole identity in one go. Take just what you need for the day and leave the rest in the hotel safe as it is better to lose a little, rather then everything.

If you place your cash, traveler's checks and credit cards in various locations about your person, then there is less likelihood of pickpockets stealing all your financial assets and leaving you with nothing. Many couples traveling will have 2 credit cards, both accessing the same account but it is much easier to use two cards, each accessing separate accounts so if one is lost or stolen, there is a backup.

Some of the easiest possessions to steal are bags and cameras owing to the way people carry them without even recognizing that they are an easy target for thieves so ensure the straps are over the head and across the chest if you want to hold on to them. If you are the person carrying the camera or bag, then walk away fro the edge of the road where it is easy for motorcycle thieves to grab something and make a quick getaway.

Everyone has heard the stories of different confidence tricks that have happened to vacationers because they are relaxed and let their guard down but the truth is these people do this sort of thing for a living. This complacency can cause problems because these people make their living doing this sort of thing but just a little extra vigilance can make it much harder for them to take what does not belong to them.

If you use a small backpack or day bag when wondering the streets or local markets why not buy a small padlock because would be pickpockets will be put off straight away. A good way to prevent your keys from being stolen or more likely lost, is to buy a small shackle that climbers use and while you cannot lock these it is possible to secure them to belts for example.

If you are a man that keeps his wallet in his back pocket, change this to your front pocket; likewise women should close their handbag because all this has a deterrent factor. The only reason these types of events happen on vacation is most people are not traveling safely so by maintaining your guard, many awkward situations can be avoidable.






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