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Lodging in Key West

Key West lodging includes both luxury and cheap places for you, along with a selection of places in between those two ends of the spectrum. Key West is a tourist destination and all rooms are priced accordingly. The most expensive time is from Christmas to Easter.

There are several Key West hotels and resorts with one hundred or more rooms. At those you will find a nice beach, large swimming pools and spas, and dining rooms on the property. The largest such place is the Casa Marina Resort, which has over 300 rooms and suites. Familiar names like Doubletree, Sheraton, Westin and Hyatt are present.


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You will find a few hotels with under one hundred rooms. They provide several but not all of the things you would see at the larger properties. With two such properties, Hyatt is number one in that department.

There are some wonderful Key West hotels with fewer than fifty guest rooms. These are such places as the Marquesa Hotel, the Gardens Hotel, the Sunset Key Guest Cottages and the Santa Maria Suites. You should find one worth a visit.

Almost all of the national brands are represented among the Key West hotels. You'll see lower prices at the Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Days Inn, Travelodge, Best Western and the rest.

You'll find some discount rates at smaller non-franchise hotels and motels that don't carry a national name you know. Not being franchisees, they can set their own standards of service and cleanliness. Probably some of them are suitable. I have not stayed in any don't choose to name any. You could be a winner.

Bed and breakfast facilities are all over Key West. As the name says, your stay includes a daily breakfast, which usually is continental but could be a full one. The number of rooms is smaller than in the hotels and the rooms vary in styles. You might have to share a bathroom with others. An owner or manager will give you personal service.

The Key West Youth Hostel is alone in its category. You'll find the cheapest rates in town. You will receive a bed in a large room and access to a common bathroom and kitchen. If it matters, be advised that no alcoholic beverages are allowed.

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