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Losing Cellulite

The problem of losing cellulite is the plight of many women who have tissue containing fat that has the appearance of the surface of an orange. Although not life threatening, losing cellulite is the aim of any woman (or man) that sufferers with it and of course it tends to get worse with age. Cellulite treatments are plentiful but losing cellulite is not easy and once you have removed it, certain aspects of your lifestyle must change to ensure it doesn't return.

Cellulite is more usual on women than men mainly due to the way muscle, connective tissue and fat are distributed in the skin, and as far as women are concerned those areas are the thighs, buttocks and tummy. Some of this is because men normally have lower amounts of body fat than women. This storage of fat is aided by the female hormone estrogen as additional fat is required by the woman during menstruation, pregnancy and when breast milk is required.

There are other causes of cellulite including being overweight, although this is not a direct reason but it can make the cellulite worse. Pregnancy is another reason because a woman's body experiences changes like the increased fatty deposits, weight gain and water retention.

It is now generally believed that the easiest way of losing cellulite is to maintain a healthy low fat, high fiber diet with plenty of regular exercise. One simple cellulite treatment is the use of a tanning bed because the darker the skin the less noticeable the cellulite is. Unfortunately, doing various cellulite treatment exercises may still not be enough in the pursuit of losing cellulite or cure a person's hormonal imbalance which is still commonly thought of as the main reason why women get cellulite. Other than eating healthily with lots of exercise, other methods of losing cellulite include massage, cellulite creams, which can make the skin more elastic and hide the cellulite as well as those that claim to burn the cellulite away, as well as giving up cigarettes.

A more extreme method of cellulite treatment is liposuction for example, which removes accumulated fats from the muscles surgically and in this process a suction pump is allowed to penetrate through small incisions made on the skin. By massaging the affected are with rollers, the accumulated fats are broken up until all the toxins and any water are sucked out. However, this cellulite treatment is expensive and not a something every woman wants to experience.

Cellulite is neither a medical condition nor a life threatening illness but does bring misery to many women and is normally an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle. Finding the cause of cellulite in each person is the first step to treating the cellulite and then hopefully as a method of losing cellulite completely.






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