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How to make Egg fried rice

Fried Rice is a Chinese recipe that originated when leftover rice was cooked with other available vegetables and meat to create a single casserole type dish. It's very popular in the American Chinese cuisine, since it combines many of the same foods Americans are accustomed to. A major part in making great Chinese fried rice is adding the ingredients to your taste. There are so many recipes out there all with different ingredients, the possibilities are nearly endless.

The big thing about fried rice is prepping everything ahead of time. Chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Fried rice is one of those lovely comforting foods that everyone in the world seems to like — no one is intimidated by fried rice. Somehow all these rogue ingredients have crept into restaurant versions over the years, such as corn, peas, ham and the like. Fried rice is also seen in other American Asian restaurants, even in cuisines where there is no native tradition of the dish such as the Caribbean. The dish is also a staple of Chinese restaurants in the United Kingdom (both "sit-in" and "takeaway"), and fried rice is very popular in the West African nations of Ghana and Togo, both as a restaurant food and as street food.


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Fried rice is probably the dish I cook the most, and my stand-by ingredients (due to the ease which with they can be found in any supermarket) are scallions, egg, and deli ham. I make my rice fresh, and I do not measure the water other than to have the water level about one fingernail depth above the rice (in a rice cooker). Fried rice is not one single dish. It is more of a way of combining leftover rice with leftover anything else and turning it into a one-dish meal. Chicken or pork is added when the fried rice is on the plate. Besides, slices of fresh tomato, cabbage, celery, omelet or pickle are additional.

Fried rice is a leading cause of B. If cooked rice is subsequently held at room temperature, vegetative forms multiply, and heat-stable toxin is produced that can survive brief heating, such as stir frying (4). Vegetable Fried Rice is what all of you must have cooked and eaten at home or in restaurants. It's a really simple dish to make, and healthy too because of all the veggies that it has. Just-made rice inevitably clumps, which is why so many novice cooks believe that well-made fried rice is somehow impossible to produce at home. But when cooked rice is chilled for a few hours, it dries out and can be stir-fried with a minimum of oil.

Fried rice is standard “refrigerator velcro ” dinner in my house, using up all sorts of leftover meats and vegetables that might otherwise be forgotten and go bad. A number of readers have asked for my recipe for kimchi fried rice, so last week I got out the scale and measuring cups and took notes on what I put into my free-form fried rice. Fried rice is just something you throw together, pulling various ingredients from whatever choices you have in the fridge. You start with a base of leftover rice, then go from there. Fried rice is a common staple in American Chinese cuisine, especially in the westernized form sold at fast-food stands. The most common form is basic fried rice, often with some mixture of eggs, scallions, and vegetables, with chopped meat added at the customer's discretion.

Add soy sauce until the color of the fried rice is a slight golden brown color. Increase the heat to high and fry the rice mixture, add salt and pepper to taste. Eventually, my skills got improved and fried rice is the first dish that I tried cooking after leaving the country. Really fried rice is what you make it or what you want in it, have fun with it.

Fried rice is very versatile. Depending on the density of your brown rice, you may wish to cook it a bit longer before adding the other ingredients. Fried rice is basically leftover whatever meat and veggy in fridge fried with leftover rice. So you can adjust ingredients to whatever you like. Fried rice is made from cold rice which has already been cooked by boiling. The wok is heated with some oil, until it starts smoking.

Fried rice is great - yours looks amazing. The flavors sound like they do really well together (gotta love the pancetta). One of the keys with fried rice is NOT to cook it in a wok, unless you’ve got an extremely high powered stove and the metal wok “holder” that lets you get high temperatures. I think I saw this on TV once… basically if you can’t get the wok hot enough it doesn’t distribute the heat as well or something. If you're not ready for fried rice for breakfast yet, pineapple fried rice is a delicious side dish with grilled or roasted meats.

Fried rice is so versatile yet easy to make. Mine must dress up with slices of cucumber and sos chilli manis (sweet chilli sauce). That Vegetable fried rice is a more popular in NewYork city peoples. One of my favorite fried rice is Thai bago-ong fried rice from a Thai restaurant here in Los Banos. I’ve managed to copy it at home but this post is not about that.

In Thailand, Fried Rice is a good lunch dish, served with cucumber and a wedge of lime. The most popular fried rice is crab fried rice. More importantly, fried rice is so easy to eat — nothing to cut into smaller pieces, no dipping sauces and either a spoon or a fork will do.






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