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Tennis Explained

Tennis as we know today is regarded as a basic form of sports. We can all claim to be able to play a game of tennis anytime, yet what challenges most if us is the physical part. You can learn some effective tips to help you overcome the early feeling of failure when you are losing a game. It is a good idea to learn the rules of the game to understand it better and enjoy watching the next match you see.

First of all, the tennis court that is being used must be a regulations court. This allows the match to be played fairly and does not depend on the player's position on the court. The net will be in the middle of the court, with two service lines running parallel to the net. Next, there is the baseline located at the outer edge of the court, running parallel to the net. The players will position themselves here to start the competition.

Along both sides of the court are lines that mark the outer edges, and they are called the alleys. Get to know the difference between singles and double. In a singles game, the alley is considered out of bounds and causes a penalty when it is hit. It is permissible to use the alley in a doubles game. Therefore, you can see the vast difference just one simple rule change can have to the overall game. You need two players to start the game and either player could serve the ball. To serve the ball, you would need to serve it to the other side of the court and hit the service box at the other side!

You can locate the service box at the right hand side of each player, it is actually quite a small box. This is the box that must be hit every time a serve is made. In fact, the ball must not only hit this service box, but must bounce off at least once for it to be considered a successful serve. The serve that does not fulfill this requirement must be repeated.

Once the ball has hit the service box and bounced, then the game heads into the most exciting part. Now the players will have to hit it across the net back and forth until one of them fails to return it. To score points, ensure you can return the ball every time it comes across and do not hit the alley if it is a singles tennis. Your rival will get a point every time you fail to hit the ball back or if your ball hits the alley on the other side.

For every missed ball, the players will take turns to serve it. This way both players will have almost the same number of serves for each game. And that is just a brief explanation of how tennis is being played






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