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K2 Ambush Snowboard Reviews

Snowboards USA carries lengths of 159cm and 165cm. Snowboarders are attached to their snowboards with bindings, much like in skiing, but snowboarding bindings are located side by side on the board so that the snowboarder's feet face sideways, not forwards. The bindings on snowboards are not designed to release in event of emergency like those on skis do. Snowboards for mountain sports, life doesn’t get any better, Wait, yes it does, when you get your snowboards for mountain sports from these pages. They keep the change jingling in your pocket, and jingling pockets sprinkle a little extra sugar on life.

Snowboard boots should fit snugly to avoid blisters and other discomforts but they should not be so tight that they are uncomfortable. When choosing snowboard boots, it is advisable to wear socks that are of a weight that you will be wearing when you snowboard to reflect an accurate fit. Snowboard width is very important. The snowboard must fit your boot size to reduce toe and heel drag. Snowboarding has earned its place in the Olympics, and has the snowboards that will earn their place in your winter sports repertoire.


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Snowboard Connection is a full service snowboard, skateboard, and surf shop and has been serving the Seattle, Washington area since 1990! We offer a wide variety of products from the action sports world, and currently have three locations in the Washington Area. Snowboards used for freeriding also usually have a directional flex meaning the tail is a little stiffer than the nose. Snowshoes enable you to walk in the snow without sinking too far. The snowshoe does this by increasing the surface area of your feet, distributing your weight more evenly.

Snowboard knee pads will help when you catch an edge and fall forward onto your knees. Many falls on snowboards are to the side or backwards, so snowboard hip pads are essential to help with a "softer landing". Snowboard maintenance is a 'fact of life' for every rider, and even though we know it's an essential element of the snowboarding experience, we'd much rather be boarding than maintaining! Having nice sharp edges and a waxed base will improve your turning abilities and edge-to-edge transitions, and increase your glides across flat areas. Snowboarders (or, as they prefer to be called, "riders") seldom suffer such injuries because they keep both feet firmly attached to the same object. Riders do get injured from falls and collisions, but so do skiers.

Snowboards actually share more common elements with Alpine skis than most people realize. Modern snowboards have continuous steel edges, polyethylene bases and laminated wood cores, as do most skis. Snowboards actually respond to the weight of the rider, and a length board should be selected so the rider falls in the middle of the manufacture's weight specifications for that model and size. The longer the board, the more stable it is at high speed, but also a bit tougher to control. Snowboards sold in stores next to sleds should be marked that they are for use on sledding hills only. They are not suitable for the slopes.

Snowboarding has become one of the most popular and fastest growing sports for youth today. And no one makes snowboards better than Burton for both adults and kids. Snowboarding is not a fashion show. That's why we build our boards by hand in the USA. Snowboarding is a fun sport enjoyed by all ages. Let your style show through in the gear you choose, while having the time of your life.






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