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Underwater Digital Cameras

Underwater digital cameras; the sort professionals use are very expensive and not normally used by casual photographers The likes of marine biologists and other scientific personnel use underwater digital cameras to study life beneath the waves

There aren't that many manufacturers of these specialist cameras owing to the problem of water ingress into the cameras case and the pressure they have to work under. Manufacturers have found it is easier just design a watertight case that goes around the digital camera instead. This type of casing will turn your conventional digital camera into an underwater digital camera.

If you are shooting with your underwater digital camera, you need to take note of a few things to help you come up with the best underwater images.

If you have ever place you hand in water and noticed how it looks different then you will understand light diffusion and this problem gets worse the deeper you go underwater. You will notice that images captured underwater are always darker and this is a The water also has a strange effect on how the pictures look giving them the appearance of being magnified. Use the cameras viewfinder to check that what you want in the image is actually in the viewfinder or the shot will be wasted.

It is not uncommon for waterproof case to spring a leak so before you go on your dive, check that the camera I still watertight by submerging it for a couple of seconds. which will allow water to access the case so look for this as well. To help combat any condensation, place a silica gel pack or two inside the camera case carefully making sure the camera will still work.

If you have a chance you should try and fit additional lenses if at all possible to your underwater digital camera to increase the type of images you can take. The likes of macro lenses will allow to take close up pictures for example.

One problem with using an underwater digital camera is that if it is not rinsed off thoroughly, the salt can crystallize and cause leaks later on. In particular where sand is present then a stream of water to rinse it off is best.

Manufacturers who can supply this type of equipment are Sony, canon and Nikon, so to find out more log onto their web sites.






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