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Feet & toes in nylons

Fancy, Fabulous Footwear: Platform Shoes

You've got it all: a beautiful bustier, brand spankin' new nylons and a sexy thong. But it seems you forgot one very important thing: a killer pair of platform shoes.

Since the happy days of hippies and bell bottom jeans in the 70's, platform shoes have spawned controversy. Women who wore platforms were seen as wild, edgy and sexy. This still holds true today. A woman adorning platforms in the club, bedroom or out on the street is making a bold statement. She's telling the world that she isn't afraid to let loose and have fun.

Not only do they look hot, platform shoes are an unrivaled way to flatter women's legs. No matter your height or weight, platform shoes will provide a longer, shapelier, more feminine look for a woman's lower half. Any type of heel also changes the way a woman walks, dances and moves while wearing them in a positive way. They can look exotic or elegant - or both! Platform shoes can give short women an extra boost of confidence by making the legs and feet look proportional to the rest of the body. But they aren't just for petite women who need a few extra inches. Tall women can achieve the exotic look they desire in sparkly, metallic, plastic or patterned plats. Think of your favorite female celebrity - chances are she owns a pair of platforms for one of these reasons.

Men agree - platforms and high heels in general are arousing. Wearing heels creates an erotic posture that makes men want to take you straight to the bedroom. Men also associate plats with danger - and we all know how sexy and alluring a dangerous woman can be. The signature noise of heels ignites a certain image in a man's brain. He knows that a woman strutting in a sparkly pair of platforms is saying, "Check me out!" This attitude portrays confidence and sexiness, two qualities that men seek most in women.

Platform shoes have also made a comeback in the high-fashion world. It's hard to go into any funky boutique or department store without finding rows upon rows of super-tall, peep-toe platforms. You can wear them on the streets or to the office with a pair of flare jeans straight out of the 70's and a retro top or vintage blazer. Even better, you can save them for the club or bedroom - teamed up with a hot bustier, no man can resist!

Awe-inspiring platform shoes are a necessity. Pick a pair that suits your personal appearance and style no matter how crazy or peculiar the pattern or type. Carry yourself with confidence in your platform shoes!

Add some romantic flair with the lastest stylishnesss of High Heel Platforms from the footwear leader. Platform trendy women are becoming a symbol of stylishness and chic! Platform womens heels are a big part of that! Don't reprint the same version as everyone else.






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