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Diamond Watches

A man would gift a diamond engagement ring to the woman he proposes to marry when she accepts the proposal and this is done not just in Spain, but in many other countries of the world. While these are elegant to look at, gifting diamond watches for men and women is also a pragmatic idea. Most of these selective pieces are the creations of some great names of the industry and various jewelers opt to sell specific types of this jewelry.

For example, take Tacori the designer reputed for making exquisite diamond jewelry that amalgamates two styles with ?lan ? the traditional and the contemporary. Then there is Hildago who makes colorful and sometimes freakish pieces and the 130-year old company Christian Bauer only services orders for diamond jewelry and markets their engagement rings only through exclusive retail chains. The diamonds chosen for these matchless pieces are carefully screened for color and clarity and if you think that any diamond up for sale are used, then your are wrong.

Diamond watches are adored both by men and women as a type of jewelry. Did you know that the first wrist watches used were in reality diamond bracelets with a tiny timepiece fitted on to it? The first of such a type emerged when Earl of Leicester gifted a similar kind to Queen Elizabeth I and consisted of a small round clock embellished with diamonds and was like a pendant to a wristband. This was probably the first true ladies' diamond timepiece.

Men, on the other hand wanted to wear pocket watches till WWI in stead of choosing wrist watches which according to them were rather unmanly. The construction of the airplane paved the way for the creation of the first wrist watch for men. This happened because the early aircrafts had no fuel gauge and both hands were necessary for control purposes. This caused the need to arise for a timepiece which would add flexibility to the pilot in the sense that he could track his range and check the stock of fuel he has and not take away his hands from the controls simply to grope for his pocket watch.

Strangely diamond engagement rings and wrist watches for men both became famous nearly simultaneously. Today the three world famous diamond watches are from Cartier of France, Citizen from Japan and Movado from Switzerland. The last name is referred to when someone describes accuracy and exclaims 'runs like a Swiss watch'. Making watches for the past 100 years, Movado is a company who has in its catalogue nearly 200 different and distinctive designs of diamond watches to choose from.







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