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Heavy weight folded cardstock

Card stock is available in literally hundreds of different designs. The scrap-booking aisle at your local craft store has individual sheets or pads of various colors and patterns. Card stock is usually described by a "Point" size. Point designations state the thickness of the sheet in thousandths of inches (0.001"). Card stock is measured by “point” size which state the thickness of the sheet in thousandths of inches (e.g. For instance, a 12 point card stock is 0.012″ thick.

Card stock is a high quality, heavy-weight coated or uncoated paper. It is available in a variety of weights from barely stiff to cardboard consistency. Card Stock is the foundation of many great scrapbooking, card making and rubber stamping projects. You can create beautiful memories and fantastic cards with these premium card stock selections. Card stock is usually described by a "Point " size. Point designations state the thickness of the sheet in thousandths of inches (0.001").


Printing Services currently utilizes IKON digital copiers.? The bulk of the work driven through the copy center arrives in digital format and this work is subject to the same proofing procedures listed in pre press. Any hard copy work can be scanned into electronic format and sent to any copier as needed for production workflow. Print this page on one side of the card stock. TIP: The survey form is formatted to print to within ? inch of the edge of the card stock. Printing business cards and postcards is just part of the products we have available in our online print store. We also carry custom printed greeting cards, full color business card magnets and stickers, uncoated linen business cards and more.

Print hundreds and thousands of postcards at a minimal expense and send it off to your target market. And with short turnaround times, you can send out your message without delays.


Business postcards are also quickly produced. Because most business postcards are in full color, are double sided, and contain graphics, they are quick to grab attention and, therefore, are often more effective than letters or brochures. Business card stock is available at most office supply stores. At this time the best source I have found is from SAM’s Club at about $5.50 per box of 1,000 cards.


Colors in the design on the card include: brown, gold, orange, green and blue If purchasing unprinted product, please note, card stock is compatible with most laser and ink jet printers. Unprinted product is non-refundable. Coloring can completely transform your creation. Even a simple addition such as shading your drawing will give it depth and add reality to the image. Color visuals will be vibrant against all backgrounds, with improved clarity for extra impact. The basic weight of this paper is 90 lb.

Color laser copies are fairly cheap and usually give good color reproduction. Try spray gluing the laser printout onto the card-stock, which will strengthen the final model (see section 5).






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