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Infrasound chalk

Infrasound is too what to be heard by human ears? The difference between longitudinal and ultrasound? Infrasound is the cruel tonal giant, tearing open whatever it finds in its path. Infrasound is the name used to describe very low frequency sounds below the range of human hearing. Sounds in these frequencies can be produced naturally by events such as ocean waves, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic activity and meteors.

Infrasound is typically classified as low frequency (under 10 Hertz) pressure waves with long wavelengths (greater than 30 meters in air). These signals are outside the hearing range of humans. INFRASOUND is still a relatively new science --- especially INFRASOUND that is of a biological origin. Non-biological sources of INFRASOUND abound, including thunder, air turbulence, volcanoes, earthquakes, jet engines, waves and ships in the ocean to name a few. Infrasound is ideal for tracking atmospheric explosions for several reasons. When someone makes a noise—say, by dropping a glass—air is displaced, producing waves that travel in all directions.

Infrasound is found in the natural world, too. Elephants use it communicate over long distances. Infrasound is measured with microbarometers because it has its lower limit towards weather like phenomena. Arrays are applied for source characterization, which is done in terms of back azimuth and apparent sound speed. Infrasound is particularly useful for basic research, for example, in the study of atmosphere phenomena; as it decays slowly across thousands of kilometers. How infrasound is generated, how it propagates through our turbulent atmosphere, and how it can be recorded amid noise due to air circulation are the subjects of ongoing research.

Infrasound is the class of sonic vibrations that are lower than the human ear can hear. That is, they have lower frequencies and longer wavelengths than the sound waves perceived by human beings. Infrasound is full of geophysical information, and practical uses too. Go on, get acquainted with my inaudible friend. Infrasound is a long, sound wave. It can pass through forests, buildings and even mountains.

Infrasound is a spacial-acoustic concert series, initiated and performed by Randy Yau and Scott Arford with changing guests. The series investigates the possibility of sound, especially low frequencies, to measure the capacity of architecture; it is about the physicality of sound and the physical experience of sound. Infrasound is a topic of great interest to researchers. Infrasound has special and unique characteristics not found in other sound ranges. Infrasound is inaudible sound traveling with the sound speed of approximately 330 m/s. In general, infrasound is generated when a large volume of air is displaced.

Infrasound is characterized by an ability to cover long distances and get around obstacles with little dissipation. Infrasound is not heard, it is felt. Infrasound holds a terrible secret in its silent roar. Infrasound is useful for communicating in dense forest as well and for long-distance communication on the open savanna. Sounds above 1 kHz attenuate much more quickly in forest than would be expected by the inverse-square law (Eyring, 1946; Dneprovskaya et al., 1963).

Infrasound is used in sacred music, for instance during cathedral organ recitals, and there is debate about why it?s used. Some people say it adds a sense of awe to the music - it puts a shiver down your spine. Infrasound is at the right frequency to wreak havoc upon fragile objects like glass windows and household trinkets . With enough energy, it can even collapse walls.






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