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Simmering gel potpourri

Potpourri is a mixture of fragrant plants which have been dried, mixed together and sometimes simmered over a candle flame. They are often gentle in scent and contain natural fragrances from plants like cedar, juniper, rose petals and lavender. Potpourri is a mixture of fragrant herbs, flowers, spices, fixatives and essential oils. Before we had air fresheners in spray cans and colognes in atomizers, we had potpourri. Potpourri is often placed in open containers, like small bowls, cups or baskets, to allow their aroma to delicately scent the room. Sachets are usually small cloth "pillows" containing potpourri.

Potpourri is mainly used as natural,aromatic air fresheners by people in various places inside their houses. Potpourri is currently in style to emit fragrance into the air. Both articles are designed for decorative purposes. Potpourri is one way to capture the essence of your summer garden and bring it inside. It is a blend of flowers, herbs, and spices that appeal to the eye as well as the nose.

Potpourri is in a 14 0z. Potpourri is gift boxed and gift bagged according to the personal preferences of the buyer. Such gift potpourri can become wonderful centre table arrangements. Potpourri is a mixture of dried herbs and flower petals that preserves the aromatic fragrances of the summer months. Most potpourris start with dried roses and lavender as a base, to which other dried herbs are added.

Potpourri is a decorative as well as aromatic item to display throughout the home. Small, powdery pieces of plant materials are not only unattractive but the slightest breeze will cause them to blow all over the place. Potpourri is essentially a personal pleasure. You will always choose your floral or herbal ingredients according to your own preferences for fragrance and color. Potpourri is comprised of three basic elements: the filler, the fixative and the fragrance.

Potpourri is used to give the air a pleasant smell. By mixing oils, leaves, or dried flowers to your taste, you make potpourri. Potpourri is usually a mixture of dried leaves, flowers, spices and other organic materials bundled in a cloth sachet. It's also sold loose for use in baskets or small ceramic pots. Potpourri is a French word pronounced po-poo-ree. A literal translation might be "fermented in a pot.".And that's what makes a moist potpourri-damp, fragrant, herbaceous material fermented, usually with salt, in a pot.

Potpourri is a natural air freshener made from dried flowers, leaves, seeds and cones. Pronounced po-pur-ree , it is used to make rooms and cupboards smell fresh.






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