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Hypnosis Can Help Mental Disorders

It is possible to help people with various things like addictions, self-improvement, personal problems, medical conditions and more with the hypnosis. In fact there has been research which proves that mental disorders like anxiety, types of phobia, panic, depression, schizophrenia and psychosis and other psychological problems can get better with hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help in curing mental disorders by rediscovering old and subdued memories. Sometimes people who have been involved in terrible accidents or events try to block these memories and thus result in weird behavior which thus leads to mental illness. What hypnosis actually does is that it recovers old and suppressed memories from patient's minds which prevent the patient from behaving normally. It is seen that these subdued memories can result in mental illness.

For example, during the First and Second World Wars, soldiers developed mental health disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, due to their experiences. Some doctors used hypnosis to help these soldiers remember and then relive these memories in order to get rid of built-up emotional tension. Consequently, many soldiers were able to recover their mental health.

Patients need to be aware that sometimes, through the unintended suggestibility of the hypnotherapist, false memories can be created. This is why, even though hypnosis can help mental disorders, it is still considered fairly controversial.

Another way in which hypnosis can help mental disorders is by alleviating severe symptoms associated with these disorders, such as calming patients who are severely disturbed. Furthermore, the techniques involved in hypnosis are designed to promote an overall sense of calm, deep relaxation and well-being. Patients suffering from mental disorders can become aware of their feelings, change their behaviors, learn new thought patterns and ways of dealing with problems, and become relieved of symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

With the passing of time hypnosis is used more often to treat people with mental problems as more mental health experts understand the value of hypnosis.

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