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Weight of a piece of construction paper

Construction paper?s term probably originates from its use in schools; it was often used to make things?therefore it was paper that was constructed with?and the term construction paper stuck. It is also called school paper , poster paper , and colored school paper . Construction papers should be handled as little as possible. To protect brittle edges, objects should be placed in sturdy 4-ply or 8-ply 100% ragboard mats. Construction paper crafts for kids bring out the creativity in even the youngest kids. They offer fun for the whole family, even in a group with varied ages.


Cut a rectangle from the green construction paper 13 inches long and 2 and 1/4 inches wide. Glue this around the top of the oatmeal container. Cut a piece of cloth/felt for the clothes and glue onto the puppet. Variation: Magazine pictures of people or faces of th eappropriate size may be cut out and glued onto tongue depressors to make puppets. Cut the center out of the paper plate to leave a round "donut" shape. This will form the base of the wreath.

Cut Easter eggs from scraps of wallpaper or construction paper, and "hide" them in the grass. Cut feet in one of the shapes to the right out of green construction paper. Bend the tabs at the top of the feet and glue or tape the tabs onto the INSIDE of the paper bag. Cut out shapes in various colors and sizes of construction paper before children arrive. Give them a pile of shapes and a glue stick and let them make a clown face on a white paper plate.

Cut squares of white tissue paper that are about 6" x 6", or you could also use facial tissues. Wrap the tissue around round suckers or lollipops, and tie with white, orange, or black string or ribbon. Cut a slit in the can big enough to stick the "skinny strip" through., Attach a popsicle stick to both ends of the "skinny strip" so it won't go either all the way in or out of the can. Roll the strip inside of the can around the popsicle stick. Cut out a 3/4-by-7-inch tongue from red construction paper. Round one end and slip it through the slit.

Cut two squares of tissue . I use a nice sized square here so my candle flame is nice and large. Cut a 5 x5 inch square of contact paper, put tape on the dull side and tape it to the table for each child. Peel of the backing so that the sticky side is facing the child. Cut out the sentences individually and paste the first four sentences on the inside front cover. Open the right hand page.

Cut through the center of the bottom of a large paper bag and along the sides, as shown. Make fringe with scissors by cutting strips to the folds.






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