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Rainbow and stationery

Stationery is one important way to communicate a coherent visual identity. In some cases, an item of stationery will be the first thing someone receives featuring the University identity. Stationery is always on the move, zooming off to distant locations and jet setting around the world to keep people connected. It rarely stands still, so why does everyone keep calling it stationary ?


Engraved stationery is still a rite of passage open to all. Engraving authenticates your documents as originals from your firm. Engraved invitations are created using an engraved plate or die onto which paper is pressed. This creates a raised effect and requires thick cardstock.


Cloudeight offers hundreds of additional email stationery to choose from, and all downloads are free! Cloudeight makes this promise to you. None of our software, stationery, screen savers, wallpaper, or other applications have any spyware or adware. Cloudeight stationery is easy to use!


Envelopes are tissue-lined by hand, and the brand is instantly recognizable by its trademark vanilla-colored paper. Treating stationery with the same reverence as haute couture, the company offers a bespoke service as well as its off-the-peg "ready to write" collection. Envelopes should not be typed, but written by hand in your most elegant penmanship. We recommend having your return address printed on the outer envelope flaps to ensure that you discover undeliverable invitations.


Postal cards are never collected as "cut squares" and the modern trend is against collecting envelopes and wrappers that way. To detect such varieties as watermarks, differences in printed headings, or kind of flap on envelopes, it is usually necessary to have entire specimens. Postal stationery could be post card, letter sheet, an envelope, or an aerogramme with postage stamps reprinted on it. Essentially postal stationery is handled similarly to postage stamps, Postal stationery are also sold from post offices either with a surcharge to cover the added cost of the stationery, or at the face value of the printed postage stamps.


Emails get lost and are sometimes ignored, but most of all, they are seen as more informal and less powerful than written letters. So when is a written letter a good idea? Email stationery allows users to add some artistic designs as the background for their e-mail. They are easy to use and are compatible with popular e-mailing software programs like Outlook Express. Email stationery is like printed letterhead, only digital. You compose your email message just like you always have.


Wedding stationery should tie in with the overall theme of your wedding. Invitations and announcements can be bought on a budget by using specialty software to print from your PC. Wedding stationery is also a specialty.


Letterhead and business cards may not be used for the purpose of soliciting private business. Letterhead is printed in black or navy ink. An electronic version (Microsoft Word template) is available from our web page. Letter Rectangle?This entry describes the portion of the stationery outside of which the user can click to change the color. Normally, this region is a rectangle that looks like a piece of paper.

Letterhead may have no more than three lines of text on each side. Letterhead includes the Amherst campus seal, which is the official standard. Business cards are designed to coordinate with the university letterhead. Letterhead and envelopes are produced via standard offset printing methods; business cards are reproduced thermographically. Order forms for the most common stationery items may be photocopied for use in ordering stationery items.






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