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Make Your Day Special With Wedding Cross Stitch

When making plans for your wedding day, along with the deciding which dress to get, the flowers to fill your bouquet, and making the guest list, don't forget to use wedding cross stitch to make your day special. You can create wonderful, one-of-a-kind invitations, table favors, a sampler, place settings, and a ring pillow with the many wedding cross stitch patterns available.

If a friend or family member is tying the knot why not make them a wedding card that will take pride of place in the display? Maybe you can use the colours of the bridesmaids dresses or brides flowers in your wedding cross stitch to keep everything co-ordinated.

It isn't difficult to change a colour or two in your chosen pattern and it will make the finished item that bit more special. However, try not to pick two consectutive colour numbers as the difference may be too subtle, miss one number and use the next for better effect.

Traditional motifs are a definite way to go when choosing cross stitch wedding patterns. The most popular are designs that include a bride or groom, hearts, rings, cakes, flowers, ribbons, lace, doves, the type of wedding dress or bells. If you have a picture of the building that the wedding is to be held in, especially if it's a church, you can use that as part of the design.

Instead of portraying the bride and groom as people, you can do something different and show them as teddy bears, mice or even chickens. If the couple met at a certain school, you can use that school's mascot.

Wedding samplers are a great way to personalize a cross stitch project with the bride and groom's names, the date, and the location. If the pattern is very complex, you can simplify the item with the couple's initials and as a monogram.

You can really go to town with embellishments on your wedding cross stitch. A few seed beads, a little ribbon or lace, maybe some silver metallic thread can all add to the finished piece. Finished off with an attractive card, a beautiful mount or frame, you have an heirloom to help you remember your special day.

John Wigham is an experienced writer and co-owner of Patterns Patch cross stitch forums. An online cross stitch club whose members get free: patterns, articles and tutorials. Come to our lively => cross stitch blogs for more details.






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