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Things That you Need to Keep in Your Toolbox

Toolboxes are wonderful things, every time I do anything around the house I find myself reaching for my toolbox. I store the toolbox in the garage with all of the tools that I could ever need inside. This saves a lot of time when I am trying to do a number of different projects.

If you keep your toolbox well stocked and somewhere that it's easy to get to then it can make your life a lot easier when you want to do any home renovation projects by yourself. Toolboxes are required for all types of home owner.


The most important part of the toolbox is actually the toolbox! You need to buy a high quality toolbox so that it will last for a long time and keep all of your tools as safe as possible. I now have a fancy toolbox which looks amazing!

Home Repair Manual

This isn't really a tool as such, however it does make home renovation projects much easier. A home repair manual can help to show you how to do certain projects. You can find these books at your local bookshop, or your library.


Hammers are most commonly used to hit nails into walls, and occasionally to break things apart. A hammer is pretty basic with a handle and a head. There are different types of hammer, one of the most important types is a claw hammer which can be used to drive in nails and remove nails if required. There are other specialist forms of hammer which are required from different tasks.


Screwdrivers can be used to tighten and remove screws. Standard screwdrivers are operated by hand, although you can also buy power screwdrivers if you don't like any manual labor! The types of screwdrivers which you need are Phillips and Slotted.


Pliers are very useful at gripping things, however there are many different types of pliers. Which one you choose to use will depend on what you plan on using them for. You can use gripping pliers such as flat nosed pliers or needle nose pliers. Crimping pliers are also used if you're doing any electrical work.

Tape Measure

You can get many different types of tape measure, whether they are metal, cloth or ribbon. The metallic ribbons are the best type as they are durable. These are often self retracting and can be locked in place.


Saws are surprisingly used to cut things, the types of materials that you can cut will depend upon the type of saw that you buy. A hand saw is a necessity, but you should also consider a back saw which has a thinner blade.

Putty Knife

Putty knives are flat and flexile. These are not designed for cutting, they are designed to press putty into spaces and removing excess. This can be useful when you are applying putty to walls. This is one of the cheapest tools for your toolkit so why not get it?


It's important to get a good quality wrench so that you can get more leverage when twisting bolts, or working with plumbing. There are many different types of wrenches depending on what you want to do.


Awl is just used for woodworking, this is very useful to start holes before you drill them. A scratch awl is just a spike which scratches the surface of the wood.

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