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Giving the Gift of Memories: Baby Showers

Every spring seems to bring and endless barrage of invitations to baby showers and blessings that slowly begin to pile up on your kitchen counter top. Some of these invitations can easily go with a gift card or congratulatory card to show your love and support of these new arrivals. However, others can bring about a stressful process of figuring out the perfect gift to welcome the newborn into the world.

A congratulatory card may be adequate in most cases. But what about those invitations that are for children who may not be your own, but will be a part of your life for years to come? The pressure can get overwhelming as you realize how important this gift can be even though its receiver can't even talk yet.

owever, this is where looking for timeless gifts instead of gift certificates or clothing can become treasures that the baby may not be able to enjoy now, but will treasure for the rest of their lives as they grow older.
A gift that the child may treasure for decades to come could be a silver commemorative spoon. Though it's probably not going to get much use for day to day feedings, this spoon has much greater value as an heirloom quality piece of silver that holds much more value in sentimentality than price.

If you feel like a spoon is just not enough to express your excitement that this child is coming into the world, you may consider investing in an entire flatware set. Because we live in the age of the internet, finding great deals and researching flatware sets has never been easier.

If you decide to go with an entire flatware set, one company to research would be Reed and Barton. Reed and Barton's flatware selection does a great job of appealing to the child market by using shapes such as fish or ABC blocks in their designs, or, you can also get child sized versions of their adult flatware sets.

You may also want to look into Lenox flatware sets for your next baby shower. Lenox has a wide variety of options for heirloom quality gifts, but by far their flatware sets stand out as exceptional options. Each set features wonderfully engraved pieces guaranteed to make the child feel special once they grow older.

A silver cup is also a great gift idea. Oneida Silversmiths offer great options for silver cups that you can give at your upcoming shower. Each cup also contains a small piece of parchment paper explaining the interesting history of the Oneida name that will help authenticate and concrete the uniqueness of your gift.
A silver baby's rattle is also a great option for a shower gift. These rattles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even be engraved to make your gift that much more special. Not only can many of these rattles be safely used by the child, but as the child grows these can easily become memorable keepsakes that they will keep forever.

A great added benefit to starting with this single heirloom is that you can choose to continue and make the gift a tradition for each year the child grows older. This is especially powerful if you plan to be a large part of the child's life as they grow and will create something for them to look forward to every year and enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Your seemingly simple gift could in all honesty affect the lives and memories of many generations to come. You are meaning to give this gift to the baby for their future memories of you, but in turn they will probably pass the gift on to their future generations. Your symbol of love can become an heirloom that will carry your name for as long as it stays in your family.

For your next baby shower consider Child and Baby flatware and other ideas. These wonderful flatware items will be functional as well as a thoughtful gift. And for all your cooking needs visit today.






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