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Stunning Oil Paintings - A How To Guide

Before artists begin oil paintings they must consider many things. The things that must be considered include lighting, ventilation, knowing which brushes to use for the paintings and more. The majority of artists really like their work. Anyone who has an interest in beginning the hobby of designing their own oil paintings should consider these factors.

Using cheap brushes should never be done with oil paintings. The bristles on cheap brushes shed onto the canvas. Artists often find themselves picking bristles from the painting. This can ruin a painting and smudge the paint. Anyone who has an interest in painting should consider purchasing a nice set of paint brushes for their artwork. A variety of flat brushes and a few small round ones for detailing is the best variety of brushes.

It is also important to consider a set of nylon brushes too. Most professional oil painters only use nylon brushes when they are painting with acrylic as a base. These brushes should only be used with acrylic paint. Do not use nylon brushes with oil paintings. It is common for an artist to practice painting with acrylic as an underpainting because it dries quicker and saves a lot of time. Oil can be painted directly over the acrylic.

Taking care of paint brushes is very important also. A good painter knows how to properly care for the brushes. If the brushes being used are expensive this is especially important because it will increase the longevity of the brushes so you won't have to buy new ones with new oil paintings. Cleaning and storing brushes improperly will ruin them. A specific brush cleaner should be used along with a preserver.

When painting oil on canvas good lighting is very important. Straining your eyes will occur when the lighting in the room is bad. Natural light is the best light. Windows in a room really help open up the room and bring in the best natural light. Painting outdoors is often preferred by some artists because of the natural light. When using insufficient light while painting, an artists will notice oil paintings look very different when in natural light. Bad lighting is only an eye strain.

When creating oil paintings ventilation in the room is another important factor. Oil painting thinners and cleaners are used by most artists in the studio when painting artwork in a studio. The chemicals in these types of things are very toxic. People with respiratory problems have problems breathing when they use improper ventilation. Eyes watering and other problems will occur when exposed to the fumes of these chemicals. Opening the windows and doors are very important when it comes to providing the proper ventilation..

When an artist paints oil paintings, he or she must consider many things. Always use a good set of paint brushes and not a cheap brand that will fall apart. Use nylon brushes when painting with acrylic. Paint brushes should be cleaned and stored properly. Proper lighting and ventilation in the studio ensures good vision and lungs.

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