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Art is not all Paint and Pencils

Why is it that when someone mentions the word, "art," we always seem to picture a painting or a drawing, or even occasionally the sculpture or chunk of pottery? The truth be told, art can come in so many different formats that it boggles the mind when considering them all. The most overlooked, yet the most humanly natured in inspiration, is that of the performing arts. Even this artistic conceptualizing of the inner muse can come in a large number of formats. Regardless, they all have one aspect in common. That is the fact that those who do recognize the existence and impact of the performing arts are often considered culturally aware and sound. You could be one of these two on your next vacation getaway to Daytona Beach Florida.

The Daytona Playhouse

Daytona has a massive variety of options for those who appreciate the relevance of performance art. One of the more elegant of these is the renowned Daytona Playhouse. Though not widely known, the theatre group here has produced some of the most famous plays, such as Beauty and the Beast or Jekyll and Hyde. This theatre is a historical landmark to the area, having been producing plays for over half a century now. It is a relatively comfortable place to enjoy a really good show, and there is always a popular one going on here.

The Stover Theater

If you are the type that thinks bigger is better, even in the case of performing arts, then you will feel right at home at the Stover Theater. This is a massive three hundred and fifty-seat auditorium and home to the famed performers, The Stetson's Drama Group. There are always an interesting variety of different types of plays and presentations going on here, such as musicals, one acts, operas, dances, and even the occasional singing. The lighting effects are considered to be well above average here, making every production a most interesting one.

The Ocean Center

If that still isn't quite big enough for you, then you can kick it up a notch or two further at the Ocean Center. This great auditorium is an amazing and unbelievable sixty thousand plus square foot building. It would take a considerable crowd to fill this one, so you can always be assured of adequate seating. This is the place where you will find the true variety in performing arts formats. Here you might find a singing, a play, a concert, and even the occasional ice skating exhibition.

Once one begins to do a bit of looking and in depth research, it becomes obvious that those who have not experienced the many aspects of performance arts are missing out on a major vacation activity and attraction. This year, on your next big Daytona Beach Florida vacation, make absolutely certain that you miss out no longer. Visit one or more of the dozens of performing arts locations in this fine getaway paradise.






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