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Bass patterns stained glass

What I have is a good list of items you can use for stained glass art for beginners and advanced artists.

Soldering Iron- (pronounced like soddering) This is used to melt lead solder which in turn is used to join pieces of metal, such as the lead cames or copper foil that will hold your stained glass pieces together.

Solder- The type you will be using in stained glass making should be an alloy (mixture) of tin and lead. This usually comes in a spool of either a 50/50 or 60/40 blend. The 60/40 is slightly more expensive, flows more smoothly and is therefore preferable for making a stained glass project.

Cutting Square - This tool is helpful when drawing squares or other designs requiring a right angle.

Pattern Shears- These are special scissors that automatically cut the proper size strip of paper between pattern pieces to allow room for the lead cames or copper foils to be placed between the various stained glass pieces of the design.

Needle Nose Pliers- A good all around tool to keep handy, can be used for small detail work.

Carborundum Stone- A trademarked name for a grinding tool used to smooth the edges of cut pieces of stained glass. This tool should be wetted periodically to make smoothing easier.

Lead Knife- Can be used to make clean straight cuts on lead cames.

Copper Foil- One of the choices of material to hold the pieces of stained glass together. Comes in various widths depending on the look of your project-make sure your pattern shears are the same width as your foil or came.






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