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Beeswax Candles are Great to Buy

I love to buy candles, but there are many that end up being very disappointing. You have probably had the same experience, and quite often the problem is what the candles are made from. If you get ones that are made from paraffin wax, you are not getting a very good candle. They may be adequate, and you may like them, but if you buy really cheap ones, you are going to be unhappy with what you have. That's why there are a lot of people that love to buy beeswax candles to have in their home.

Some of the paraffin wax candles are very greasy. You have probably seen this if you have gotten a really cheap one and it has set around for a while. The more expensive ones are better, but you won't like them much after you try beeswax candles. When you get one, look for one that is a one hundred percent beeswax candles. They are some of the cleanest burning candles you can buy, and if they have a wick that does not put off a lot of soot, you are getting one that will not give off a lot of fumes.

Some buy beeswax candles that are nothing more than paraffin candles stamped to look like a honeycomb. These aren't really beeswax candles. You have to look at the label and see what you are getting. Some candle makers will take real beeswax and melt it down to pour their candles and others will just roll the sheets up and include a wick. If they do it right, you are going to have one great candle for your home. Once you burn one, you may never go back.

They say that soy is just as good as beeswax candles, but I couldn't say for sure. I have never bought soy, though I may try them out one day. It is more expensive to make both soy and beeswax candles, and that means they are going to cost more when you buy them. Most will tell you that they are well worth the price. They come in many colors and many scents. You will have a longer, cleaner burning candle, and you will be very happy with them for a long time to come. These make great gifts too, and if you are thinking of making your own candles, you may want to go with these first. You may find that you never bother with paraffin at all.

Charlie Reese writes articles about candles, candle holders and oils. He also enjoys getting psychic readings. He has been studying the psychic reading for several years now.






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