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There are many different types of floral arrangements which are designed to be used in wide variety of situations. From wedding bouquets to table center pieces and party floral decorations, floral arrangements are an excellent way to express your feelings and catch the mood of an event. Beautiful floral arrangements can be created to suit every style and budget, from simple single flower blooms to great floral sprays or arches, and each one can be unique reflecting your own personal style and flair.

Whatever the occasion, all floral arrangements need the same kind of care and consideration if they are to remain at their best. Fresh flowers of course, last for a shorter period of time than artificial flowers and may require a little kinder handling. Many varieties of flowers will not tolerate extremes of temperature and need to be kept well watered and away from direct sunlight and artificial sources of heat. Artificial floral arrangements can last a lifetime if looked after properly and kept away from strong sunlight. Silk floral arrangements in particular are becoming very popular, since they can provide a very beautiful, natural looking display.

There are some general rules to follow for those of you who want to create your own floral arrangements. First, it is often helpful to use florists foam when creating a display, since this will keep your blooms in position and allow for greater precision when designing. Green foam is for fresh flowers and brown for artificial. Fresh flower stems always need to be in touch with water, otherwise they will wilt, so it is important to soak the foam well before using and to regularly top up with fresh water. Sometimes cutting a small v shaped notch at the top of the foam can make the toping up easier, particularly if the foam is almost as large as the container it rests in. And, difficult as it may be, resist the urge to use foam again, as you could then be putting your fresh flower stems into old holes where the water will not be able to reach.

Cut fresh floral arrangements can be made to last longer if cared for properly. It pays to use a clean container and remove all leaves which will be below the level of the water. Using cut flower food really can extend the life of your display. For floral arrangements that you want to keep for a while, such as home decorations, choose flowers that are in bud or just half open and you will then be able to watch them open into full bloom. For those displays which require immediate, short term impact such as wedding floral arrangements or funeral sprays, use flowers which are almost fully open.

Artificial flowers need much less care and attention. A gentle blow of the hair drier will easily remove dust and keeping the display away from direct sunlight will prevent fading. However it might be helpful to consider the following if you are going to create your own artificial floral display. Since artificial flowers are quite light, you may well have to weight the bottom of the container, preferably with decorative items like shells, stones or sand, for a more permanent display, clear acrylic can be used. When arranging the individual flowers, try to think of how each one would naturally fall and shape it accordingly before adding it to your floral arrangement.

For many of us however the idea of creating a large floral arrangement, particularly if it is for an important event like a wedding or funeral, is a bit too nerve wrecking. In these situations it is advisable to use a professional florist, who will be able to create a beautiful floral arrangement to your unique specifications. The first step is choosing the right florist and this can often involve a little research on your part.

If you do decide to use a professional florist, have a look at examples of their work beforehand and see if you can find anything in the design and style that you would like; if not it may be better to look for someone else. Work with the florist in creating an arrangement that will fit in with the event that you are organizing. This is especially true of wedding arrangements which need to be in keeping with the general mood of the wedding, be that traditional, modern etc and also to draw attention to the bride and her dress.

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