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Belly Dancing Belts Can Show Off Your body

If you have discovered belly dancing as a hobby you might be excited to go and buy some new accessories. Before you head off to the store you might want to consider what is right for your belly dancing costume.
Usually all you need for your costume is a pair of flowing harem pants or a layered flowing skirt. A bra for a top and you are ready to dance. There are many accessories to choose from to set off your belly dancing costume. Belts are one great way to show off your hips and accessorize your costume.

Belts Made Of Coins

The belts made for belly dancing come made from a variety of materials. The traditional belt is made from coins. The belt is usually strung together from many coins that are designed to look like ancient coins. This unique belt is made to accentuate your hips while you are performing your dance.

There are a variety of coin belt styles to choose from. The most common type is a triangular style that takes the form of a triangle when it is laid out. It is generally longer on one side. This belt style is a very pretty and dramatic accessory for your belly dancing costume.

Another style of the coin belt comes in a circular form. They simply circle the hips. It is great for showing off the hips when the dancer moves them during the dance. Between the emphasis from the style of belt and the sound of the coins jangling the dancers hips will become the focal point of the dance.

The scalloped style is another common belt for belly dancing. They generally are adorned with designs and come in a variety of lengths. This belt can go a long way to glamming up a costume that is very simple in design. If your dances have a lot of hip movements this is the perfect belt for you.

This is just a few of the many designs available in belly dancing belts. There are a great many more to choose from. There are plenty of designs to suit any kind of costume you might have. There are even belly dancing belts that are made of shells as opposed to coins. This makes a striking choice.

Chains make a suitable belt instead of the usual coin belt. They come in silver and gold and the appropriate chain can be found to match your costume. Add some bells for some great sounds while you are performing your dance. provides information, articles and tips including Belly Dancing tips and ideas. Check out all the styles, origins and history of this ancient art.






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