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Atmosperic water generator

Easily Build a Hydrogen Generator to Make HHO Gas

If you've every thought about making your own hydrogen generator, it's no coincidence you're reading this now. Remembering back to the first time I "Googled" that term, I was shocked by what I found.
The technology for making your own hydrogen generator has been swept under the rug for many years. When I finally had access to global information on the internet, I learned that average people all over the world have been able to turn their cars and trucks in to water burning hybrids, enabling them to save thousands of dollars on their gas bills each year-and drastically reduce their carbon footprints.

Man, I tell you, I was livid because I felt that I had been lied to for all of my life! The only reason this technology was kept a secret was for the simple fact of greed. Big oil and the auto industry were making far too much money to let the cat out of the bag.

People can only tolerate so much fraud and then they realize how they've been hoodwinked so there is hell to pay. We are fortunate to live in the age we do, as information is at the tips of our fingers with the internet.

Personally, I constructed my own hydrogen cell generator several months ago and it was pretty easy and very cheap to do. I bought a professional manual / conversion kit online and spent under $99 in raw materials. If you're not technically advanced, you can simply take it to your local mechanic and he can snap it together in a few hours.

By minimally utilizing a tiny amount of electricity from your car's battery, a current is sent to a set of electrodes submersed in water (H20). The home fuel cell is very small and easily braces in the engine compartment where it produces on-demand HHO gas.

HHO fuel is two bonded hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule and contains three times the energy as an equivalent amount of gasoline. Mixing the two together, you will have a very clean burning fuel that not only sky-rocket fuel efficiency but also engine performance, too.

This technology will amaze you, I can pretty-much say that with certainty. I recommend performing your own online search the ins and outs of making a hydrogen generator. You and your pocketbook will be very glad you did and so will the environment.

Here is a great guide at this site that will show you, step by step how to make this hydrogen generator It's absolutely incredible and the government can't do anything to stop it. Go to and see why it's hitting the globe.






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