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Using Milk and Lime as a Natural Treatment for Acne

Treatment of pimple outbreaks is a challenge; nevertheless it may not be very hard to find a solution for this problem. For a clear and healthy complexion one would require some experimentation and patience.

Finding an acne natural cure that will be effective for your type of outbreak is essential in the success of pimple treatment. To start, find information on home treatments for stubborn skin problems.

One type of acne natural cure used to treat blackheads involved concocting a milk and lime wash. To try this, you will need get some fresh milk and bring it to a gentle boil. Then add juice from one lime and gently wash your face. You will want to ensure that the liquid is cool enough that damage to the skin is avoided.

Using a natural astringent to deep clean your pores may also be worth trying. You can do this by taking a leafy mango, which can be found at your local grocery store, and boiling it in water. After it has cooled, gently rub on your face. If your acne is not severe, you may leave the mango to soak overnight. This process will thoroughly cleanse the pores.

Natural foods can also be helpful for curing acne. Raw potatoes, for example, have been effective for clearing up whiteheads.

The alkaline found in potatoes clears the bacteria in your face and the acid it contains can scrub away dead or dying skin. Also, its Vitamin C gives your skin a healthy glow, making it an ideal acne natural cure. Raw papaya fruit may also be considered to treat pimples.

If one finds the skin dry after trying an acne natural cure, this can be rectified by using almond oil. For this, one can take about four to five good sized almonds and grind them into a paste with water, and this paste may be further spread on the skin without scrubbing. This would give enough moisture and smoothness to the face. One may use curds and buttermilk for rectifying dry skin.

Natural treatments are also good for the prevention of spreading infections, which is important for maintaining healthy skin. If over the counter products are not helping your acne, you may want to try a natural cure. Take time to research various treatments, and you will have clearer, healthier skin in no time.

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