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Effect of high resistance plug wires

Spark plug wires 30 are securely coupled (as described below) to hanger devices 10, which in turn are supported on rods 4. Printed portion 3 presents an essentially flat surface on which graphics and other printed matter may be displayed. Spark plug wires are pretty durable. They aren't a moving part so they don't wear out too often. Spark plugs are rated in "heat ranges". Plugs designated and designed as "cold" are designed to channel heat away from the electrode, leading to longer life of the electrode, less gap erosion producing more consistent sparking across the life of the plug.

Spark plug wires should be changed when they start to become hard or inflexible, or look dry and cracked. If one wire fails, it's probably time to change them all.


Remove the spark plug by installing the correct size spark plug socket (usually 13/16 or 5/8 inch), and turning the socket counterclockwise. At the same time apply slight pressure on the socket. Removing the spark plug wire is an essential step when cleaning, replacing or otherwise dealing with the spark plugs. These steps explain how to remove a spark plug wire. Remove the old distributor rotor; it should come off real easy. If not, use a twisting pulling motion until it comes free.

Remove the spark plugs and use a compression tester to check compression. A cranking compression test is done with the ignition disabled and the throttle held open. Remove your old spark plug cap, boot, and associated heat shrink. Do not remove the heat shrink that covers the braid and wire. Remove the bolt that holds the old blade. Mount the new blade with the curved edges toward the housing.

Remove the first two wires of the right bank in this manner. While you are at it, if these plug wires are not numbered, they should be numbered 2,4,6 (from the front of the engine) to correspond to the cylinder number.


MSD is so confident in its Dual Crimp terminals that it warrants each factory-crimped plug wire against "pulling off" for five years. MSD?s new Ready-to-Run Ford Distributors are the perfect upgrade for bulky DuraSpark systems or ancient breaker point models. These distributors come complete and ready-to-run. MSD Spark Plug Wires prevent inductive crossfire with our special winding procedure and center core material. The EMI and voltage is held within the wire and is transferred only to the plug!






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