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Centering on the Barstools is a Good Way to Build Your Bar

Bar Stools may turn out to be the most significant aspect of your home bar. The bar stools are not only a place where you and your guests will spend lots of time enjoying drinks and conversation, but the bar stools also serve the purpose of creating a meaningful look for your bar.

Even before considering the bar's theme, when shopping for bar stools, there are a few things to consider first. Before you even begin to think about what your bar stools should look like, you need to consider the functionality of your bar stools.

The most important feature of the bar stools is the height of the stools. The most typical (and comfortable) height for the bar stool's seat is between 11 and 12 inches below the bar top. The first consideration when selecting a bar stool is the height of the stool compared to the bar top. Measure the height of the bar top from the floor and select a stool of the appropriate height.

Another feature of the bar stool to consider is the foot rail. Foot rails will not be necessary for your bar stools in the event that your bar has a traditional foot rail attached to the base of the bar. You will definitely want your barstools to have foot rails in the absence of a foot rail attached to your bar. If there's no place to put your feet while sitting at the bar stool, you will get uncomfortable very quickly.

Another feature to consider is the back of your bar stool. If you anticipate long periods of time spent sitting on your bar stools, backs are likely necessary. Especially if you have a TV in your bar, you're going to want to have a bar stool that allows you to sit back and relax. To comfortably sit on a bar stool for any length of time, a back on the stool is helpful.

Another facet of the bar stool's functionality is whether or not it swivels. Generally more comfortable than stools that don't swivel, are swivel bar stools. The floor under the bar stools then will surely get scratched and worn much quicker if you use bar stools that don't swivel. Even if you choose bar stools that swivel, you should still put floor protectors on the feet of your bar stools to further protect your floor.

Once you've made decisions about the functionality of your bar stools, you can now look for those features in bar stools that fit your bar's theme.

If you're attempting to create the art deco look of the 1920's and 30's, it may be hard to locate 33" stools along with foot rails. The same way as it may be difficult to locate 24" bamboo stools that swivel.

Even though there are several designs and sizes to select from in both new and antique bar stools, it is many times a good idea to have your bar designed according to your bar stools.

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