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Boat Parts Need Occasional Replacement Just Like Cars

Boating can be a real delight, but for responsible boat owners, it is not all fun and games. You cannot just purchase a boat, toss it in the water, and visit it on weekends with no thought to maintaining it. Like any engine, a sterndrive or inboard or outboard engine needs certain care to stay in running order.

While the sterndrive has many advantages, it does have the unfortunate disadvantage of having some vital parts beneath the waterline, such as hoses, rubber bellows, oil lines, and, of course, the propeller which drives the boat. Obviously, it is trickier to examine and maintain at top working condition parts which are beneath the water surface. It is imperative to give these parts proper attention, however, as rust can cause problems. Just as a car has certain parts which will need eventual replacement, like brakes and windshield wipers, certain boat parts need eventual replacement.

A major part that needs to be monitored is the transom, which, through the drive shaft, powers the engine. The transom can take only so much stress and strain without incurring damage, even when a boat is well maintained and driven only under normal conditions. A troubled transom could cause collateral damage to the engine or even sink the boat. Therefore, regular inspection of the transom is imperative!

At the beginning and end of each boating season there are certain items which should be tended to. Particularly before winter, the oil should be changed, spark plugs inspected, and the impeller, which performs the important task of cooling the engine, should be checked. It should be frequently inspected during the season as well.

Your boat will give you reliable performance if given the regular care it requires. Boat ownership is a huge responsibility, but the rewards are great. The pleasure of boating-fishing, water skiing, cruising, or just being out in nature taking in the firey glint of sun on water-are worth the work of faithful boat maintenance.

Before you replace any boat parts, be sure to research the vast array of boat part manufacturers.






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