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Uav advanced remote sensor technologies

Remote sensors are subject to both accidental faults and intentional tampering. We develop software that assesses the trustworthiness of sensor data and fuses data from disparate sensors to provide the most accurate representation of the data. Remote sensors are potentially more effective in determining whether there is frozen contamination present following deicing than can be achieved by human tactile inspection. The notes document pertinent aviation regulations, available anecdotal information on the conduct of tactile inspection to determine whether there is frozen contamination present on aircraft surfaces following deicing under winter operating conditions, and experience to date with remote sensors in this application. Remote sensors are available with optional power (LR) and output (LT) monitor LEDs for use with the applicable Telco photoelectric amplifier, which has the sensor LED drive. Add ?L? after the series number for sensor monitor LED e.g.

Remote sensors are very inexpensive and mobile and can be set up on many streets and highway ramps. As the infrared beam passes through the exhaust plume, a camera automatically snaps a picture of the license plate. Remote sensors are classified as either; active sensors or passive sensors. Active sensors provide their own source of radiation to send out to an object and record the magnitude of radiation returned. Remote sensors are costly to maintain and frequently difficult to access. In the past, the only way to make a practical wireless sensor with a reasonable maintenance schedule was to use large batteries and limit the sensor?s duty cycle.


Sensitivity analyses were conducted using the model to examine alternative configurations, workload growth, and system overhead among others. The model framework and performance analysis methodology can be used for capacity planning purposes during the operational phase of the system. Sensors may operate from house vacuum or they may be ordered with self-contained vacuum pumps up to 1 CFM.


Power may be supplied from a local 24 volt DC source or a standard AC line. Many choices are available for outputs such as RS-232, RS-485, or 4-20 ma proportional to count. Power to the sensor is provided via the cable that links it to the control unit and a little green LED shows that everything is working (as well as flashing when a data sample is being taken).


Unit reads hundreds, tens and units. Units are available for many different common or exotic gases in low levels for leaks or in very high measuring ranges that most or no other gas monitors can handle. All units are equipped with adjustable audio/visual alarms.






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