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Razor Wire is made from a corrosion resistant galvanized steel cutting ribbon wrapped around a core of galvanized spring steel wire. Razor wire isn?t wire at all but long, thin strips of metal with sharp, jagged edges. It is cut from sheet metal, is harder to sever with standard wire cutters and deters as effectively as the original barbed wire. Razor wire is a more dangerous form of barbed wire and is designed to maim. Razor wire barbs have piercing and gripping action and the use of razor wire is usually associated with correctional institutions, prisoner of war camps and war zones.

Razor wire is a deadly obstacle widely used in the 41st Millennium to hamper and ensnare enemy infantry. Mode from a thick coild of wire with a smaller coil wrapped around it, the Games Workshop Razor Wire looks deadly but it, of course harmless. Razor wire is supported by a bunch of wooden struts that keep the wire in place on the battlefield – time to make these crossbeams. Measure and cut out about a 1.25" length of the balsa stick. Razor wire is available with a choice of medium and ultra barbs. The ultra barb wire incorporates a high tensile reinforced band for maximum strength and elongated barbs for added difference.

Razor wire is also laid between the unit and the fence. East Wing has only one point of entry which has a highly sensitive scanner which every person must pass through. Razor wire is also named concertina coils or razor type barbed wire. It is a kind of modern security fencing materials with better protection and fencing strength made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheets. Razor wire is a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges whose purpose it is to prevent passage by human beings. Furthermore, razor wire is .

Razor wire is modern version of Barbed Wire, Designed to prevent intrusion along premiere barriers. Razor Wire is fabricated from high tensile wire onto which a multitude of razor-sharp barbs are formed at close intervals. Razor Wire is very strong and reinforced with a steel coil, which makes it very hard to bend, while the barbs have a piercing and gripping action. All our products undergo stringent quality control at each level of the production process to provide complete customer satisfaction. Razor wire is barbed wire with a greater power to intimidate.

Razor wire is strewn everywhere. The buildings and streets are scorched from multiple bombings. Razor wire is divided into spiral, straight line and crossed spiral types.






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