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Wine Racks - Style And Function For Your Home

If you're a wine lover or just a casual wine drinker, you'll need a good wine rack to store your collection, large or small. Interestingly, wine racks are not only functional but are now considered part of home decor. Let's examine the various types of wine racks to help you determine which wine rack is best for your home.

The first issue to consider when considering wine racks is how many bottles you'd like to store. Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes, from table top models to huge multi hundred bottle models. Some wine collectors use multiple smaller wine racks to organize and segment their wine collections.

Next, consider your home's decor and available space. Don't worry, there are functional and stylish wine racks available no matter your space availability or decor. Wine racks can be wall mounted, free standing, set on a table top, or as part of a larger piece of decorative furniture. A beautiful wine cabinet with multiple uses is a very stylish and refined addition to any home. So, you'll need to consider function vs. fashion and determine how much decorative emphasis you want your wine rack to provide.

Another aspect of decor to consider is texture. Wine racks come in a variety of compositions, like steel, aged wood, brushed metal, brass, and more. Choose one that fits seamlessly into your style and home decor.

Since wine is an important part of our entertaining friends and colleagues, a multiple use, stylish wine rack is perfect for our home. We chose a focal point "wine center" that beautifully combines storage for our wine bottles, wine glasses, wine accessories, and wine art. Further, our wine center is a warm and welcoming focal point in our living room.

Wooden wine racks are probably the most known and available wine racks option. Wooden wine racks are not only available in aged wood, but also polished oak and many other treated woods. Wooden wine racks are especially popular because they seem to evoke the atmosphere of a rustic, country winery.

You may even wish to consider owning multiple wine racks. This is a common option for those with large wine collections, or those who wish to use one wine rack as a decorative piece with another for simple storage. Still others use one larger wine rack, complemented by a small table top wine rack for easier accessibility.

Your choice of wine racks should really be a reflection of your personal style as well as your wine storage needs. Consider incorporating your wine rack into your home decor, as wine racks are just as fashionable as they are functional.

Jim Hofman is an author, wine enthusiast, and founder of several websites focusing on the enjoyment of wine. Be sure to visit his site focusing on Wine Racks and other fun aspects of wine.






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