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How to Maintain a Stainless Steel Countertop

Investing for something isn't easy. That is why it is very important to take care of the items which we have expensively or inexpensively bought. Same is true with the stainless steel countertop we have at home. If we expect it to last, then we should institute ways to make it usable through time. Its quality must also be preserved through some simple measures that we have to perform at home. Below are the ways which could help maintain the appeal and durability of your stainless steel countertops.

Things You'll Need to Maintain a Stainless Steel Countertop

You need to invest on a few things to ensure that your stainless steel countertop will be taken cared of. The items which you need to purchase for the countertop maintenance are: sponge, lemon or olive oil, scratch free cleanser with bleach, and a steel wool. All of which can be found in your local supermarkets. Since the items needed are very accessible, there would be no reason for you not to take care of your stainless steel countertops.

Steps in Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Countertop

Here are the steps you need to perform after every use of your stainless steel countertop: scrub the entire surface area with a safe powdered cleanser, scrape the gunk around the edges using a butter knife, rinse the countertop area thoroughly, scrub down the exterior portion of the countertop using a steel wool pad, do the strokes in a circular motion, elbow grease can be used to make your countertop look new, spread lemon or olive oil for a shinier look, and use dish cloth to wipe your stainless steel countertop after every use.

Ways to Take Care of Your Stainless Steel Countertop

Despite being coined as the "stainless" steel, the stainless steel countertop is not totally safe from stain and corrosion. Therefore, you need to follow some tips which can help prevent these things from happening. First off, you need to avoid harsh household maintenance products such as bleach because its acidic nature harms the surface of your stainless steel countertop.

Next, you have to avoid leaving acidic food on a bare stainless steel countertop because this will cause staining. Warm water and soap is enough to maintain the cleanliness in your kitchen counters. Lastly, remember to dry everything on your countertop to avoid stain marks. By doing the things mentioned above, you'll be guaranteed that your stainless steel countertop will retain its shine and appeal even after a long year's use.

Charlie Reese loves repairing countertops and blogging about them. Charlie as well loves to get astrology and free psychic advice.






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