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Flexible pvc gas pipe

A portable gas flow meter is a complicated piece of equipment. While they may be difficult to use improperly, to fully take advantage of its features you need to understand the basics of how a portable gas flow meter works.

Basics Of A Portable Gas Flow Meter

First thing you need to know is how the device actually functions. There are two transducers that come with every portable gas flow meter. Simply set the two transducers approximately a foot apart or so on the pipe. For some units this will vary, but on average a foot apart is sufficient. Next you have to run the ping from one transducer to the other. Wait a couple seconds than run this test again. You can also set up the portable gas flow meter to run a continuous test where it will switch back and forth and record the data. This test is good if you want to get a good idea of how the gas pipe is functioning over time.

There are a couple things to keep in mind that will affect the outcome of your test. First off is how contaminated the stream is that you are measuring. A portable gas flow meter works best on a completely clean stream. Any particles in the gas flow will affect your results, so it is important that you have a clean flow of gas.

Next is the diameter of the pipe. Different portable ultrasonic flowmeters are designed for different pipe diameters. Make sure number one that you are using a portable gas flow meter that can measure the pipe you need to, and number two that you have the correct measurement for the width of the pipe. Getting either of these things wrong will throw off your results completely.

The last thing to remember is that the best data you can get will be taken from many many results. Make sure you allocate enough time to take a large sample from each pipe so that you have a large amount of data to compare. A single set of data is nearly useless as there are always fluctuations in the flow speed, temperature and pressure of the gas. By taking many readings you will be able to get accurate results.

That is about it. Now you should have a good idea how to use your portable gas flow meter in a real world environment to get accurate data. This article will apply to about ninety nine percent of the meters out there, so read and understand it to make you life a lot easier.

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