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Sealing Stainless Steel

Many products are made of stainless steel. These products can be countertops, buildings, appliances, and so much more. It is hard to list them all because everyone encounters a stainless steel item or structure every single day, which defines steel as being a very important material used in the construction of many everyday goods. Depending on the type of product depends on whether or not stainless steel needs to be sealed. Items such as countertops do not have to be sealed because they are usually one large slab placed upon a base.

However, there are certain items or even components of items that must be sealed. Take the cook stove, for instance. The cook stove may actually be made up of two different types of materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. These two metals have to be fused together in some way. Even certain components such as screws need to be altered in order to work properly with both types of metals and keep the appliance intact. There are various methods in which stainless steel is sealed and there are times when it needs to be completely sealed, partially sealed, or not sealed at all.

Aluminum and stainless steel tend to be two metals that are commonly used together. Certain components may require sealing and these components can be sealed with a corrosion resistant primer.

Instances in which this sealing may occur between steel and aluminum are:

Sealing stainless steel hinges to anodized aluminum parts Sealing a stainless steel bolt to inside an anodized aluminum part Sealing a stainless steel or aluminum rivet in a primed aluminum sheet Sealing a stainless steel insert into an aluminum part Sealing a stainless steel bearing into an aluminum part

Heat sealing

Heat sealing is another method used to seal stainless steel. This method uses heat to seal two pieces of a material together at the place in which the pieces connect. The temperature in which these materials are heat sealed reach the temperature at which fusion occurs, which also involves a certain degree of pressure.

Thermal sealing

In instances where temperature may remain constant because of a rotating wheel, the sealing is considered to be thermal sealing. The remainder of the process is the same of heat sealing because temperatures reach the point of fusion in which the two pieces of steel fuse to each other, making a very strong bond between the two.

Impulse sealing

Impulse sealing involves the heat being applied to the steel by resistance elements, which are applied to the project when the metal is relatively cool and then heated at a rapid rate. It is through this method that simultaneous cutting and sealing can be performed.

Dielectric sealing

Dielectric sealing uses radio frequency waves to induce heat within the steel. However, if ultrasonic vibrations are used in sealing, this is called ultrasonic sealing.

It is obvious to see that there are many methods of sealing. Some may even prefer to call it welding. Everyone has most likely seen someone with a welding torch and a face mask fusing together two pieces of metal. In this case, two pieces of stainless steel can be sealed together to form many types of objects and structures. Nevertheless, the next time you see two pieces of stainless steel forming a 90 degree angle, you will know how it was probably done.

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