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Jenelle Johnson Arabian Horse

Arabians proved themselves as ideal riding and working horses. Although some people felt their slightly smaller stature limited their ability to do heavy ranch work, there was no denying their incomparable endurance. Arabian horses became even more cherished when the Islamic prophet Mohammed made them a cornerstone in his Holy Wars. Mohammed improved his army by elevating the horse to a sacred level. Arabian horse endurance races leave every spectator with a sense of respect and awe.

Arabians compete today in many fields of equestrian activity, making them problably the most versatile horse around. Arabians have natural balance, nimbleness and impulsion, qualities originally essential in a desert warhorse, and today seen in various competitive disciplines. Arabians are very graceful and unique looking horses, making them easy for even beginning horse people to recognize. The Arabian horse typically has a very slender, delicately boned head and face. Arabians represent speed and lightness in their movement. The walk should be fast and free with the hind feet overstepping the front track by some eight to 12 inches.


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Arabians compete in many places, including horse racing, horse shows, Endurance riding, show jumping, and more. They also make good pleasure, trail, and working ranch horses for people who do not like competitive events. Arabians appear delicate, but they are strong and muscular, and can exceed in ANY discipline. Arabians are also have one less vertebrae, in the back and in the tail, and one less rib than any other breed. Arabian limbs are hard and clean, but without excessive bone measurement under the knee of the forelimbs. The tendons are clearly defined and the hooves are near perfect in shape and size.

Arabian horses have refined, wedge-shaped heads, a broad forehead, large eyes, large nostrils, and small muzzles. Most display a distinctive concave or "dished" profile. Arabians are relatively easy to breed, since they have a protracted lifespan many mares can carry foals when they are 25 or older. They foal fairly easily as well. Arabian horses come in sizes from fourteen hands to over sixteen hands tall. They have a higher bone density than other breeds and a back that is a vertabrae shorter.

Arabian horse races have been taking place for at least 2000 years B.C. Art and oral tradition of Bedouins who have been related to the "desert horse" for centuries testify of this fact. Arabian horses have refined, wedge-shaped heads, a broad forehead, large eyes, large nostrils, and small muzzles. Most display a distinctive concave or "dished" profile. Arabians possess a long memory, quick comprehension, alert curiosity, resourcefulness, and sociability. They consistently outlive other breeds reaching their prime at 20, with many living well past 30.

Arabian Horse shows offer classes in English and western pleasure, cutting and reining, even jumping and dressage provide opportunities for fun and enjoyment at both all-Arabian events and open breed shows alike. This breed also excels as an endurance horse and racing is another sport becoming more and more popular. Arabian horse history also depicts this horse as being a creature of immense beauty that has helped distinguish it from other horse breeds. And when one also considers its usefulness in a number of ways besides its good looks, one cannot help but marvel at the character of the Arabian horse whose history is just as rich and lovely as the horse itself. Arabian Horse World has been a leader in taking a stand against altered photography - take a stand against AHA's decision to allow Mr.

Thus has the Arabian horse been kept unchanged since he first came upon the scene thousands of years ago and it is imperative to keep him so. His beauty, intelligence, and natural qualifications for a horse to ride, combined with his historic background, lend a touch of romance to the pleasure of ownership. Thus, the Roman cavalry was made up of great brutes of horses that charged into almost certain death with little fear.






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