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Chelsy Davy Skydiving

Skydiving is inherently a dangerous activity. There is inherent danger in scuba diving, skiing, and driving as well. Skydiving is simple, safe and life-changing. If you're ready to join the ranks of those who have taken the plunge, below is a quick guide to making that first jump an awesome and unforgettable experience First, some Skydiving FAQs: Q: How old do you have to be?

Skydiving is probably one of the most exciting sports there is today. The ability to 'fly' has been a dream of mankind since the beginning of time. It is also a highly competitive sport. Competition takes place at Club, Regional (Grand Prix), National and International level and unlike most competitive sports, skydiving allows men and women to compete on a equal footing - the only limits to success being your own determination to win. Skydiving is not inherently dangerous?it is just the image it has. The kit is designed to fly and experiments with bad packing will generally still produce a perfectly good canopy after deployment.


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Skydiving is a unique and highly stimulating adventure activity and through the benefits of modern technology, parachute systems and skydiving techniques the sport has reached an extremely developed state of reliability and refinement. There are a growing number of people who are trying skydiving in the search for the ultimate adventure activity. Skydiving is one of those things that you probably see all the time. Pretty much every major soft drink has done a commercial with skydivers in it. Skydiving is a sport in which participants jump or fall from aircraft at altitude. They can perform an assortment of aerial maneuvers before deploying a parachute to slow their descent, allowing them to come gently to rest on the Earth below.

Skydiving is a stimulating pleasurable activity, and requires the development of special skills, particularly the muscular control and co-ordination necessary to vary the orientation of the body. Obviously, considerable practice is necessary to acquire such skills. Skydiving is a sport and hobby for people who live life larger than the rest, and you too can become an experienced skydiver. Check out our events to better understand the whole sport behind skydiving. Skydiving is an unusual activity that demands skills you don?t encounter in everyday life. For that reason, your safe progress depends on your jumping frequently.

Skydiving is not always restricted to daytime hours. Experienced skydivers sometimes perform night jumps. Skydiving is also an extreme sport in the sense that you never know what you’ll likely expect when you are a thousand miles up and floating in the air. Skydiving is popular for a reason. It’s considered the ultimate rush.

Skydiving is more than just jumping from an airplane. It is stepping out into a different world, a world where people can fly without wings. Skydiving is relaxing, easy to breathe in freefall and the biggest exhilaration you can imagine.






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