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Al Trautwig Versus Tour De France

Landis Situation on Tour De France

Landis, who has maintained his innocence since testing positive for synthetic testosterone use during his victorious Tour last year, is awaiting the decision of a U.S. If the panel rules that his tests are flawed, he'll retain his yellow jersey and will avoid a two-year suspension. Landis has contested that ruling, and the case is proceeding through arbitration. But while the Tour may have been spared another legal fight, it got the full measure of embarrassment.


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Riders are now routinely tested for drugs during the month the race goes on. Riders who are caught doping will have to forfeit a year's salary and receive suspensions of up to four years.


Sports are necessary for physical fitness and enjoyment and should not have their image polluted by people masquerading as “professional sportspeople” all that “professional” means is that they are good at money-grubbing and cheating. Sport England is a non-departmental public body and Lottery distributor which exists to sustain and increase participation in community sport. Through the Tour de France, Sport England is encouraging people to be inspired and get involved in cycling in their local communities.


If you dope you're successful. Cyclists like these stages. Cycling in the future can only be constructed by those people and organisations who work for the general interest; those who follow only their own interests must be discarded.


Cheating is not a problem confined to one sport. As has been shown by the scandal of the Austrian biathletes at Turin's Olympics and by the BALCO affair with US track-and-field athletes, cheating has an entire infrastructure. Cheaters are being caught. If MLB, the NHL, US football, soccer - just name the professional sport - if they all tested as cycling does I guarantee you would see the same proportion of positives for performance-enhancing as well as recreational pharmaceuticals.

Watch out for the famous different maillots (jerseys). The one every rider dreams of wearing is yellow (maillot jaune), worn by the winner of the previous 鴡pe and then the outright winner. Watch the powerful Spaniard at his best in this video of all his Tour victories.; 1991; 1992; 1993; 1994; 1995; Banesto; Induarain; Miguel; Pinarello; Tour de France; A tongue-in-cheek guide to falling in the Tour. Features some of the most painful crashes in recent Tours.; Tour de France; crash; fall; Discover the spectacle of the travelling Tour Village, central to the start of each stage.; Tour de France; grand depart; spectacle; stage town; village; Take a look at some of the most historic, influential and notorious climbs that are associated with the Tour de France. Watched the tapes every night and watched it live as they rolled into Paris. If only his teammates could have helped him a little bit more, he could have been the Grand Champion.






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