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Ambrosia sour cream

Sour cream is very similar to its French cousin, cr' fra'e , but with less fat, more acidity, and a thicker texture. The lesser fat content of sour cream makes it less versatile for cooking—while cr' fra'e can be boiled, sour cream will curdle if heated too high or too quickly. Sour cream is a dairy product made from fermented cream . The cream is fermented by using a special type of bacteria . The fat in cream and sour cream is in the form of tiny droplets. These droplets are surrounded by a coat of milk protein that stops them from coalescing as a lump of butter.

Fra'e starts with cream with almost double the butterfat content.) The now-Sour Cream is then re-pasteurized to kill those bacteria and stop the process, which extends of course the shelf life. Stabilizers and/or gelatin are sometimes added. In Ukrainian and Russian cuisine, sour cream is often added to borscht and other soups. In Tex-Mex cuisine, it is often added to tacos, nachos, burritos, taquitos or guacamole. It's not like sour cream is that expensive, and it certainly costs less than food poisoning. Why take the chance?


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Sour cream is a principal ingredient in certain ?cream? It is also used heavily in baked goods, and may form part of the liquids for foods like pancakes , waffles, cakes, biscuits, scones , or muffins . Regular sour cream is 18 to 20 percent butterfat. Reduced-fat sour cream is made from half-and-half and can be substituted for regular sour cream in most recipes. It was capable of successful utilization in all applications where natural sour cream is used, such as pancakes, cakes, dressings, beef stroganoff and other sauces, baked potatoes, and chip dips. Of particular note was a distinct sour cream flavor enhanced by or complimented with the use of a flavoring amount of acetic acid.

Sour cream is a staple in a hungarian kitchen. Practically every meal has something made with sour cream, soup, salad, goulash, pancakes, vegetables, desserts and sauces. If sour cream is at all cold, mixture will lump. If it does, replace bowl over hot water and stir/whisk almost constantly until topping becomes smooth. The pastry will appear dry because the sour cream is thick and does not disperse easily. With your hands, manipulate dough into a ball.

But the problem is sour cream is not available here. At Cooking for engineers, one of the substitution choices they give is plain yogurt. In Ukrainian and Russian cuisine , sour cream is often added to borscht and other soups , and is used as a condiment for perogies . In Tex-Mex cuisine , it is often used as a substitute for crema in nachos , burritos , taquitos or guacamole [1] . If sour cream is cooked at too high a temperature or held over heat too long, even at a low temperature, it will break down, giving a thin, curdled product. When this happens, the appearance will be less appealing, although the flavor will still be satisfactory.

Commercially sour cream is made by adding a bacterial culture which turns the lactose, which is the sugar in the cream, into lactic acid. Hence the acidic or sour flavour. In another change from the early recipe, sour cream is now a popular addition to pound cake because it adds a slightly tangy richness and a lot of moisture to the cake. The sour cream is then pasteurized and homogenized, and active cultures acidophilus and bifidus are added. The cultures give the sour cream a delicious, tangy flavor and thick consistency.

Sour cream is a cultured fresh-cream product widely used in cooking. It is made by culturing cream or milk with lactic acid bacteria. Mushrooms in Sour Cream is a wonderful accompaniment to the Chicken Bundles or any savory beef, pork, or other chicken dishes. Rice Pilaf is a family favorite and a company standby. Well, Oregon sour cream is your answer. Low in calories and sodium, sour cream fits right into busy, health-conscious lifestyles.

Separation is a natural phenomenon that occurs when sour cream is exposed to various temperatures. This separation of the whey is not harmful and you may gently stir the sour cream to re-blend it or pour the excess liquid out. Replacing fresh cream with sour cream is not so straightforward. It may be possible to use sour cream in some recipes but this would result in a different taste and it may also be necessary to make adjustments to other ingredients.






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