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Ramen noodles cabbage recipe

Cabbages are commonly used both cooked and as a salad vegetable. They keep well and were thus a common winter vegetable before refrigeration and long-distance shipping of produce. They are used to treat acute inflammation. It helps relieve painfully engorged breasts.

Cabbages are good companions for dill, camomile, sage, wormwood, mint and other aromatic plants which help to reduce insect predations on the cabbages[18, 201]. Cabbages also grow well with potatoes and beet[201]. They are members of the Cruciferae or mustard plant family, the same botanical family as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and brussel sprouts. Cabbage cultivars are red, purple, or more commonly green. Cabbages are part of the Crucifer family, and a diet rich in crucifers is considered a part of our arsenal against developing cancer.


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Cabbages are members of the Brassica family and are susceptible to club-root disease. Club root stunts your plants and results in a pathetic crop. Cabbages are the prize possession…it’s what everyone screams for. They also toss onions, potatoes, carrots, lemons, and other assorted foods.


Plant firmly and water in thoroughly. Plants can be started from seed or bought at nurseries. Once the danger of frost has passed, seeds can be planted directly in the garden. Plants have a large frame,heads are easy to trim & show good thrip tolerance. Long term storage - no tolerance to yellows.

Planted too close, they will form loose, rather than solid hearts. Allow 60 cm between rows and 45 cm between plants, or 45 cm each way. Plants that mature before the summer months are often preferable, but having said that, new hybrid varieties are becoming available all the time. It's worth looking around. Plant them in a stagger pattern, and then mulch the devil out of the bed. You can use something like Miracle grow as a side dressing.

Plant seedlings in the garden slightly deeper than they grew in flats or containers. Make planting holes wide enough to accommodate spread-out roots and press the soil firmly , and I mean firmly, around each seedling. Plant spring cabbages just 10cm (4in) apart in rows 30cm (1ft) apart - thin out to 30cm (1ft) apart in late February/March and use the thinnings as spring greens. Plant the seeds indoors about four to six weeks before you intend to set them out into the garden. Cabbage plants are frost tolerant and can be planted in the garden very early in the spring.

Cabbages are even more dangerous to the elderly, a retirement home is an all you can eat buffet to a cabbage. The elderly often naively take stray cabbages into their homes and bath them in fresh warm water, but the cabbages like a kitten in a bonnet plot their revenge, they hide amongst the old persons meals (as we all know no one would eat a cabbage willingly not even smelly old people), they then destroy the elderly from the inside, causing massive internal gas production resulting in the foul smell we are all familiar with, eventualy resulting in death.






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