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Roadhouse iced tea recipe

Iced tea is becoming a more popular beverage in the United Kingdom , though not replacing hot tea, with milk and sometimes sugar. Lipton sold their carbonated iced tea, similar to the one sold in Belgium, but the drink disappeared from shelves in the mid-1990s. Iced tea is no time to skimp on quality, though. The finest tea makes the best brew, whether hot or iced. Iced tea is one of those delicious flavors that just makes the summer time seem worth while. It has all of the caffeine of soda pop, but with none of the artificial bubbly junk that feeds nameless corporations and their ilk.

Iced tea is not only refreshing, this classic summer drink is a healthy choice. Virtually calorie-free, it has no sodium, fat or sugar and contains valuable antioxidants. Iced tea is often served with a citrus or mint garnish. It is also good mixed to taste with some fruit juices. Iced Tea is a popular warm weather drink. Many high quality teas have been blended and packaged specifically for iced tea brewing.


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Iced tea is very popular in the United States and has become so popular that there is an official iced-tea spoon for stirring the beverage. Today tea is the second most popularly consumed beverage ion the world. Iced tea is a tasty thirst-quencher, especially in hot weather. And one of my great joys is sampling new teas -- finding new tastes that harmonize with my moods! Iced tea is famously refreshing: someone, either Calvin Trillin or John Egerton, described the invention of iced tea as something like a thunderclap across the Southern consciousness. Mint is not typical in "ice tea," but it makes it taste even cooler and sweeter.

Iced tea is commonly available sweetened or unsweetened. Iced tea is arguably the most profitable item on the menu. At a food cost percentage of 2.4 including ice, more attention is being paid to iced tea as a menu item.


Lemons are essential and should be of the big thick-skinned variety, cut into sixths. They are never - repeat: never - squeezed but only plumped into the pitcher, four or five slices. Lemons, limes and oranges are high in acid and will help balance the pH level.


Lipton is way better than Luzianne, by the way. And Alton Brown schooled me that loose tea really does make the best iced tea. Lipton has long been established as the market's leading brand and, in 2004, held a 68% share of market. Several other contenders are starting to gain market share, such as Frutea by Unicer, Nestea, by Nestl鬠and B!






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