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Where did wild rice originate from

Wild rice is technically not a rice but the seed of the grass Zizania palustris . The grass grows in lakes predominantly in the northern states of the U.S. Wild rice is one of two grains native to North America (the other being maize (22 )), and grows mostly in shallow lake areas, rivers and streams (5 , 11 , 13 , 22 ). It was a staple food for early North American people, who introduced it to European explorers (6 , 8 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 22 ). Wild rice is used in a variety of foods such as appetizers, soups, salads, stews, casseroles, dressings, and desserts. In recent years, wild rice has been used in breakfast cereals, muffins, pancake mixes, breads, and cookies.

Wild rice is notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to harvest commercially, because the stalks are so delicate that motorized boats and harvesting equipment cannot be used. The root system of the grass is fragile and easy to dislodge, which causes the stalks to float to the bottom, rendering the seeds inaccessible to harvesters. Wild rice is an annual, cross-pollinated plant that grows in flooded soils. Plants normally reach five to six feet in height and produce multiple tillers, or stems. Wild rice is difficult to establish on clay subsoil. The final seedbed should be free of ridges and depressions to ensure good water drainage.


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Wild rice is an immense part of an eco-system. And of course Minnesota?s the land of ten thousand lakes. Wild rice is a coarse aquatic grass with short roots that are easily pulled up. It lives only one year but bears such quantities of seed that, in spite of what the Indians gathered and what was eaten by huge flocks of wild geese, ducks, and blackbirds, it was plentiful. Wild rice is such a unique and nutritious ingredient, I made a note-to-self to try to work it in to my day to day cooking more often. As we start getting more warm days, the nuttiness of the rice plays beautifully off many springtime ingredients.

Wild rice is a cereal grain. It’s one of the most nutritious whole grains available. Wild rice is a coarse grass (and not really a true rice) considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. North American Indians are attributed with the introduction of wild rice into mainstream society. Wild rice is insinuated in the brand name. And the fact there is a disclaimer indicates they knew buyers might have some expectation of ?Wild Rice with Pecans?.

Wild rice is very sensitive to the environmental conditions of its niche. When a hydroelectric dam was built by Northern States Power Company at Winter, Wisconsin, that flooded burial grounds of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation of Wisconsin, the water level was changed only by 1 foot several times yearly in the dam's operation. Wild rice is used primarily as a delicacy food. It has a much higher protein content than rice. Wild rice is generally more expensive than other rices and takes longer to cook. Cultivated wild rice isn't as expensive (nor as flavorful) as "wild" wild rice.

Wild rice is an annual plant that grows from seed each spring in the shallow waters (maximum depth of 1.75 m) of slow-moving rivers and lake bays. In order to preserve the sensitive aquatic environment, provincial law forbids the usage of commercial fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides to enhance production. Wild rice is not like the common patty-grown rice which is farmed using chemicals and automation, creating a product inferior in size, color and flavor. Far North’s wild rice is an organic product. Wild rice is an important component of a balanced diet and is an aquatic cereal grain that grows wild in isolated river and lake bed areas located within the continent of North America. Dating back to approximately 12,000 years ago this ancient grain has been found in layers of the earth.






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