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Leg of mutton in ashtead surrey

Mutton is the meat of sheep from three to five years old. The best English mutton is taken from a sheep six years old. Mutton is boiled in a wok without salt or any other spices. Shouba rou is then cut with a Mongolian knife and dipped into seasonings. Mutton is served in the form of starters like patther kabab, shami kabab and in the main course as Rogan Josh, Meat Durbari and some popular biryanis like mutton biryani, hyderabadi biryani. Minced meat or keema as it is locally known is also quite popular and liked by all.

Mutton is an efficient food, because it takes advantage of the myriad uses of sheep. A sheep used for mutton may first be used for wool and milk, or to produce lambs to strengthen the herd. Mutton is a very old traditional blood tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. As early as nearly 2,000 years ago, Chinese physicians formulated a "Mutton Decoction with Radix Angelica Sinensis" for the puerpera in a deficient cold state and susceptible to cold pathogen invasion. Mutton is deep red with firm, white fat. In Middle Eastern countries it is a staple meat, but in the West, with the exception of Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, mutton and lamb comprise only a small proportion of the total meat consumption.


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Mutton is to lamb as watermelon is to fire hydrant. Try to figure out that analogy. Mutton is underrated and underused. Even among the mutton revivalists, the potential of the meat isn't fully understood. Mutton is still popular in the Falkland Islands and was described as a farmer from there (on BBC Radio 4) as their "lifestyle meat.".

Mutton is, of course, adult sheep (also used to refer to goat meat in some places), and so it stands to reason that it is gamier than pork or beef. Indeed, I think the mutton meat by itself would be overwhelmingly gamy, but hickory smoke and the sweet-vinegar dip complement it very nicely indeed. Mutton is very popular around the world. The Moroccan people love to cook mutton with olives and lemon. Mutton is preferred over lamb for stews and long-simmered curries.


Sheep meeting the Mutton Renaissance standard should have a given amount of fat cover, and be matured (for example by hanging) for at least two weeks. Sheep mutton is meat from a sheep over two years old, and has a less tender flesh. In general, the darker the colour, the older the animal.






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