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Havana's Capitol: former government palace and today a museum.

Most likely the most significant and stunning building in Havana City is the Capitol building. A visit to this amazing estate of the art palace is something you should not miss while visiting Havana.

Only few connoisseurs of the Cuban history know that the very first Botanical Garden in Cuba in the 19 Century was located in the land today occupied by the Capitol building.


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Neither is it known that the definitive construction the Capitol was many time delayed because its high cost on one hand; and to the political indecisions, on the other. Then, on March 1926, the construction of the Capitol began finally.

The grand structure was unveiled on Thursday May 20 just after mid day with the attendance of the president of the Republic of Cuba and the rest of the government cabinet ruling the island at that time.

The team that participated in the carrying out of the definitive plans of the Capitol was also integrated by engineers and Cuban architects under the artistic direction and technique of the architect Eugenio Raynieri Piedra. Its total cost was about 17 million pesos, equivalent to the same quantity in dollars.

To any walker, the dome of the Capitol of Havana can with no trouble attract his/her interest, fifth in the world of Renaissance style that, for its dimensions and outline, it copies that of Washington, San Pedro's Basilica, in Rome and San Pauls Cathedral in London. The Cupola is the second higher building peak of the metropolis, following the tower of the Monument to Mart in the Revolution Square.

A further detail that captivates everyone is the central piazza, which is escorted by 17 ionic columns of granite and in its facade; the three huge mahogany doors that give access to the main floor all three decorated with engraving recalling events of the history of Cuba.

The Capitol of Havana counts over seven decades since its opening in 1926. The colossal construction is regarded as the third in relevance in Latin America for its monolithic structure and certainly first in Cuba.

From the Capitol of Havana -that is not national -, the kilometer 0 of all the highways of the country begins. It was designed so that in it the two chambers of the legislative body of the Republic worked all the sessions until 1959.

It also accommodates the third tallest sculpture indoors in the whole world and it symbolizes The Republic of Cuba. Angelo Zanelli an Italian artist sculpted it moved by a famous Cuban model with who he was very fond of. It was inaugurated in 1929, in the Hall of the Lost Steps (Saln de los Pasos Perdidos).

Visiting the Capitol of Havana it can only be an astounding experience. It doors, rooms and columns hide a lot of history. You must not missed the chance to see this stunning piece of architecture and archive of so many stories while on your holidays.

Jose Mauricio is a Travel Consultant and loves to share his experiences in Cuba with the reader.. He is natural from the Capital of Cuba and has a wealth of knowledge about how to make your holiday in havana an unforgettable experience.






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