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Booking Your Air Tickets Without Fear Of Air Sickness

Since ages the motion sickness is a prevalent problem. It was referred to as the camel sickness in The Bible where the camel riders experienced nausea for continuous swaying.

With the passage of time and the development of technology the motion sickness has taken new shapes: sea sickness, car sickness, air sickness and space motion sickness are to name a few of them. In fact, one reason why most people travel by air is that it is a faster mode of travel, thereby reducing the span of discomfort by a considerable degree.


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Usually air sickness means the giddiness that is triggered by the motion when an aircraft rises speedily up to higher altitudes. Loss of appetite and vertigo, burping, nausea and stomach consciousness and increased salivation are some general symptoms of air-sickness.

As opposed to some accepted beliefs, air-sickness is not a disorder. It is just the bodys response to some unusual external stimuli. When put simply air-sickness is due to the gap that occurs when people see something distinct from the stimuli they receive in their auditory organs, that is when there is a discrepancy between their sight and sound. This results in a confusion in the brains usual processing of the stimuli.
In case of pilots air sickness is of primary concern. As the surveys reveal, 29% of aircraft pilots suffer from this problem. They find it difficult to maneuver an aircraft due to this sickness. That is why people have come up with various ways to fight this problem.

1. Any kind of anxiety and stress should be put at a backseat. Studies reveal that stress and strain go a long way to cause air sickness. This is because emotional factors also play a role in making it difficult for the individual to cope with the changing environ. As it is, the body has problems adjusting to the changed situation. Additional emotional problems will cause the sickness to be greater.

2. Consuming light meals before a journey, whether on holidays in Spain or just a city over, is the best way of keeping air-sickness at bay. Heavy food with greater salt content sometimes causes giddiness while someone is traveling.

3. When traveling in an aircraft people should avoid too much moving around. Motion induces sickness.

4. Travelers on board an air craft should try and accustom themselves to the situation.
It should be borne in mind that air-sickness is not a chronic disorder of the system. It is a temporary problem that happens due to the clash of senses.

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