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How To Buy Wholesale Designer Handbags

You can make a lot of money selling high fashion handbags. This industry always changing and evolving. There is always a new style about to come out. The Murakami pattern was so hot that stores sold out in days.

Before you get started, you need a plan. Most important, you need to find legit suppliers who have a variety and styles and offer low minimum orders. Imagine this scenario, after weeks of searching, you finally find a supplier who has a large supply of designer handbags. You call the supplier only to discover, that they have a strict 100 unit minimum order. Remember, we are talking about designer handbags. So, each one could cost over $100.00 each. I don't know about you, but I cannot afford such a huge minimum order. You need a supplier that is willing to work with low minimum orders.

I can remember I found a supplier that sold just what I was looking for. I was so excited since the price was right, and they had the exact handbag I wanted. However, there was a small problem. I could only contact them via email. Even worse, the handbag supplier took 2 days just to respond to my questions. I found out a few days later, that many buyers have been scammed. Here's my point, avoid suppliers who do not list their phone number on their website.


As you know ebay tops all online stores with its great offers and deals. And once you are an ebay member you even get more special deals.

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Shipping is also another fact that you must consider before choosing handbag suppliers. Believe me, I know what I"m talking about. I can remember I ordered some bags from China. The supplier promised a 5-7 business day delivery, which seemed very reasonable. I ended up waiting 5 weeks to receive my goods. You gotta remember, you cannot make your customers wait. So, be sure to question the supplier regarding their delivery time. Ask if they offer some sort guarantee if they do not deliver on time.

You will also want to ask about their return policy. Do they have one? Many new business owners are so excited to find a supplier that they fail to ask about the return policy. Be careful, many suppliers have a very limited return policy. In fact, many will state they will not be held responsible for damage during shipping.

A good handbag supplier will offer references. Most will post customer testimonials on their website. You could also ask speak with a previous customer before you buy.

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